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Research: Advanced: Sciences & HP

Subject Headings

Communication in science

Health Services - Research methods.

Medical care - Research - Methodology

Medical statistics

Medicine Research -Statistical methods

Nursing - Research methods

Nursing - Research - Methodology

Research Design

Science - Methodology

Science - Philosophy

Science -Methodology

Social service - Research - Methodology

Social Work

Technical writing


Characteristics of Research in the Social Sciences

Collaboration research (multiple authors)

Findings must be verifiable

Preference for current information over cumulative

Preference for data over texts

Preference for articles and conference papers over books

Increasing reliance upon the Internet for dissemination of knowledge.


May include human and animal experimentation

Enormous number of publishing sources

Heavy reliance on peer review and/or trust in the authors, academies, and publishers

Currency paramount. Pre-publishing common.

Sophisticated technology available to find and analysis knowledge

Significant specialization of research methods, tools, and dissemination of knowledge within individual disciplines.

Significant reliance upon experts in the field during the research process.

Knowledge of government documents and data.

Knowledge of 'gray literature'.

Knowledge of non-literature databases.

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