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Research: Advanced: Reveiws


The most common type of review is a book review intended to help the reader decide whether or not to read it.

Other categories of reviews include art, music, theater, motion pictures, DVDs, and products.

Limiting Your Search to Reviews


Limit your research to a particular type of review if your topic was created in more than one format.

Sources of Reviews

Reviews are published in magazines and journals along with normal articles.The best place to find articles is in our databases.

  • Journal of Art
  • History Today
  • Science

Some magazines and journals collect and republish reviews - again, found in our databases.

  • Booklist
  • Choice
  • Kirkus Reviews
  • Library Journal

Other sources of reviews are website, blogs, and other online resources.

OneSearch for Reviews

Since OneSearch searches most of our databases at one time it is the best place to start your search for reviews.

Method One

  • Search for the book, motion picture, musical performance, etc., by its title and creator.

NOTE: In some cases it may be helpful to include the name of a performer - the star of the movie, the world renowned opera singer, - particularly if it is a work that has been performed by many artists.

  • Then limit your search to "Reviews" under Source Types (left side of page)

Bear in mind that some creations, i.e. Romeo and Juliet, may exist in multiple formats - book, motion picture, play, opera, etc.

  • If you are getting too many reviews, you may wish to limit to Type of Review located under Subject. (You will only see the top six results. Click on Show More to see all.)

Bear in mind that some creations, i.e. The magic flute / Die Zauberflöte, may exist in more than one language.

Method Two - Start your key word search with the phrase reviews or opinion or criticism

Book Review Databases - General

Art Review Databases

Literature Review Databases

Music Review Databases

Theatre and Movie Review Databases

Recommended Books

By Format and Within a Format

Art Reviews

  • Art - Exhibitions
  • Art - Reviews
  • Art criticism
  • Art museums
  • Contemporary art
  • Modern art
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

Book Reviews

  • Non-Fiction
    • 20th century
    • Autobiography
    • Biography
    • Psychology
    • Religion
  • Fiction
    • American literature
      • Southern literature
    • Children's Literature
      • Picture books for children
    • Historical fiction
    • Science fiction
  • Poetry

Motion Picture Reviews

  • Animated films
  • Biographical films
  • Comedy films
  • Documentary films

Music Reviews

  • Choral music
  • Compact discs
  • Contemporary Christian music
  • Concerts
  • Gospel music
  • Jazz
  • Instrumental music
  • Musicals
  • Orchestral music
  • Opera
  • Piano music
  • Popular music
  • Rap music
  • Songs
  • Sound recordings
    • Albums
    • Compact discs
    • DVD-VIDEO discs
    • Video recordings
  • Symphony
  • Violin music

Performing arts - Use for multiple formats

Theater and Television Reviews

  • Drama
  • Motion pictures
  • Musicals
  • Opera
  • Television programs
  • Theatre

Product Reviews

By Creator

Use the name of the writer, composer, producer, director, artist, etc., if you know it.

If you are looking for a type of creator, such as authors of southern literature, use the appropriate category. Examples:



  • African American authors
  • American authors
  • Nonfiction writers
  • Poets
  • Short story writers
  • Southern states
  • Women



Motion picture producers & directors



19th Century

20th Century


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