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Research: Advanced: Social Sciences

Subject Headings

Communication - Research - Methodology.
Education Research
Education Research - Methodology.
Evidence-Based - Medicine - Methods.
Evidence-based psychiatry
Evidence-based psychiatry - Case studies.
Management Research
Management science - Methodology.
Mass media Research - Methodology.
Mental Disorders therapy
Psychiatry methods
Social sciences - Bibliography
Social sciences - References books - Bibliography
Social sciences - Research Methodology
Social sciences - Research
Sociology - Research.
Sociology - Methodology
Social sciences - Statistical methods
Sociology - Methodology

Social Sciences

Characteristics of Research in the Social Sciences

Verifiability - not personal judgment

Utilize both qualitative and quantitative research


Collaborative research (multiple authors)

Collection, interpretation and management of Data and Statistics

Literature search primarily to identify earlier research

Interviews, observations, surveys, case studies, ethnography

Emphasis on currency

Preference for articles over books

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