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ART 281 - Foundations of Art Education: Art Info @ Thrift

This guide should help you with any research you need to complete your Art Education degree

Selected resources

Browsing the shelves

An interesting way to look for what you need is through browsing the shelves.  Once you get a call number for a possible source, go to the shelves and look at the materials around that source.  You can also browse using these call numbers:

Subclass N Visual Arts
N1 - (9211) Visual Arts

N1 - 58

N61 - 72 Theory. Philosophy. Aesthetics of the Visual Arts
N81 - 390 Study and teaching. Research
N400 - 3990 Art museums, galleries, etc.
N4390 - 5098 Exhibitions
N5198 - 5299 Private Collections and collectors
N5300 - 7418 History
N7420 - 7525.8 General Works
N7560 - 8266 Special subjects of art
N83508 - 8356 Art as a profession. Artists
N8510 - 8553 Art studios, materials, etc.
N8554 - 8585 Examination and conservation of works of art
N8600 - 8675 Economics of art
N8700 - 9165 Art and the state. Public art
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND Painting
NE Print Media
NK Decorative Arts
NX Arts in General
T Technology
TR Photography

Subclass L Education (General)
Subclass LA History of education
Subclass LB Theory and practice
LC Special aspects of education
LD Individual institutions - United States
LE Individual institutions - America (except United States)
LF Individual institutions - Europe
LG Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands,
Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
LH College and school magazines and papers
LJ Student fraternities and societies, United States
LT Textbooks

Feel free to reference the complete list of education classifications.

Highlighted Resource

The most recent print issues of select art and design journals and magazines are available for browsing in the Thrift Library.  They are located on the first floor near the fireplace.

Older issues can be accessed electronically. Please ask if you would like assistance with any of these resources.

     Sculpture magazine  

      Flash Art International CMYK magazine        

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