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ART 281 - Foundations of Art Education: Research Project Information

This guide should help you with any research you need to complete your Art Education degree

ART 281

2013 Fall Semester
ART 281/A - Foundations of Art Education
Introduction to historical, philosophical, psychological, and theoretical assumptions which underlie the field; topics include history of art education and the role of art in education today; prominent theories of cognitive and artistic development from infancy through adolescence; stages of development in children’s art; current learning theory; and the fundamentals of curriculum theory and design.

Your research project guidelines


Who or what the heck is THAT? 

Art for exceptional populations
        Learners who are Exceptional

Arts Propel Project

Art Therapy

Barkan, Manuel (Barkin, Manual) (Barkin, Manuel)

Chapman, Laura

            Dewey, John / Progressive Education

Eisner, Elliot
        Kettering Curriculum (Eisner)

Gardner, Howard
        Gardner's Eighth Intelligence
        Gardner on Creativity

Integration of the Arts

Lowenfeld, Viktor

Model schools built around MI, DBAE, National Standards

Multicultural arts education

Owatonna Project

Safety in the classroom

Teaching for Understanding Project

Technology in the art classroom

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