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Music Education: Online Music Resources

Although still in progress, this is a selective guide to the fundamental and essential resources necessary for undertaking undergraduate and graduate research in music education.

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The purpose of this Research guide is to

  • Identify and describe the most important music resources
  • Explain how to use them
  • Cite your sources
  • Conduct basic research

A helpful tutorial may be found under the Orientations Tab.

Note that you can move from topic to topic using the Tabs at the top of the screen


Some Tabs have additional pages of information available through the dropdown.

On Campus vs. Off Campus / Physical vs. Digital

On Campus Resources

Use OneSearch

Off Campus Resources

Use OneSearch or Individual Databases

  • Books
  • eBooks - Either
  • DVDs
  • Streaming Video - Databases
  • Music CDs
  • Streaming Audio - Databases
  • Scores
  • Electronic Scores - Databases
  • ​Current Newspapers
  • Current Periodicals
  • Electronic Articles - OneSearch
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • Art
  • Digital Graphics - Databases
  • Digital Photos - Databases
  • Digital Art - Databases
  • Materials Placed on Reserve
  • Materials Placed on Research Guides
  • Misc.

  • Recommended Web Pages

On Campus Help

Off Campus Help

  •  Librarian
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