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Special Collections: COVID-19

Has COVID-19 Inspired you?

Anne Frank Diary, St Nicholas Church, Kiel, Germany. Wikicommons

In 79 AD Pliny the Younger witnessed the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Marco Polo went to China

Fifteen year old Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi's during the holocaust.

Thoreau had an interesting year at Walden Pond. 

How do we know?

They wrote it down.


You too are living through interesting times. You too are a part of history.

COVID-19 changed our lives in ways big and small.

Have you been writing it down? Have you been documenting it? If so the Thrift Library of Anderson University wants your story. Write it down. Video it. Photograph it. Paint it. Record it. And give us a copy. We will put it in our Special Collections and someday, someone will read about you.


FYI - While we like originals, we will also accept digital copies. When submitting projects be sure to provide contact information.

For more information contact the Thrift Library  - 231-2049