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Special Collections: Special Collections

Internet Archive

Literary Magazine - Orion, 1916-1925

LIterary Magazine - Ivy Leaves, 1964+

Literary Magazine - Footnotes, 1950 only

Yearbooks - Columns. Available digitally from 1942-1996.

Yearbooks - Sororian, the predecessor to Columns. Available digitally from 1914-1930.


Viewbooks. The library has six copies from 1919 to 1927.


Before there were college catalogs, colleges used "Viewbooks", a combination of a picture book and catalog.

Click here to open 1916 Viewbook

History of Anderson College

College Catalogs

Student Handbooks

Donations Needed

Although the library has copies of almost all the institution's publications, including multiple copies of most Yearbooks, publication runs  prior to 1950 are sometimes incomplete.

Donations are appreciated.

Contact the Thrift Library at