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Special Collections: Alma Maters

Anderson College Alma Mater - 1915-2010

Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater
Loyal and true are we;
Truest devotion till life is ended,
Holy we pledge to thee.
Tho’ from thy halls far away we wander,
Thoughts back to thee will fly,
And tender mem’ries time cannot sever,
Love that will never die.
Heaven’s choicest blessings ever attend thee,
Dear alma mater mine -
No shadows harm thee, no fears alarm thee,
Always the sunshine thine.
And tho’ we leave thee, we’ll never grieve thee,
True to our trust will be;
Our best endeavor, now and forever,
Always to honor thee.
Words and music by 
Mrs. Charles S Sullivan, Senior. 
Copyright 1916

Anderson University Centennial Alma Mater - 2011 on

The sounds of Anderson live in my heart,
Live in my memories, the sounds of joy;
The dreams of Anderson tell tales of tears and happiness
In golden days gone by.
Seeds of learning will flourish;
New friends will guide us through the land.
These are the friendships we cherish
Touched by God’s almighty hand.
We know we love our alma mater;
We know the joy of life she brings,
Ah, but there’s one thing that only God can know;
What Anderson means to me.
copyright 2009