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Homeland Security: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Anthrax – QR201.A6

Biological warfare - UG447.8
 – International law

Biological weapons - UG447.8

Biological weapons control

 - Safety measures

Chemical plants - TP155.5
- Risk assessment
 - Security measures

Chemical spills – TD196.C45

Chemical terrorism - Safety measures

Chemical warfare
 – Safety measures
 – UG447-UG447.65

Chemical warfare (International law)

Chemical weapons – UG447.5-UG447.65

Nuclear engineering
 - Risk assessment
 - Safety measures – TK9152

Nuclear facilities - Security measures

Nuclear terrorism Safety measures

Nuclear warfare – U263

Nuclear weapons – U264-U264.5

Nuclear weapons (International law)


  • RA644.S6 (Public health)
  • RC183.RC183.9 (Internal medicine)

– Vaccination – RA644.S6

Weapons of mass destruction
- Safety measures


Weapons of Mass Destruction

Nuclear Weapons

Chemical Weapons

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