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Music: NAXOS

About NAXOS Music Library

Naxos Music Library [NML] is the world´s largest online classical music library. Currently, it offers streaming access to more than 125,000 CDs and 2 million tracks. 

The library offers the complete Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues plus the complete catalogues or selected titles from over 650 classical, jazz and world music labels with more labels joining every month. Classic pop and rock music as well as Chinese orchestral music are also represented.

And . . . There's an app for that


NAXOS Mobile App

NML AppNML Jazz App


Download the NAXOS Mobile App and the Naxos Jazz App (on iOS)

Here for NML on Google Play
Here for NML on Amazon App Store

Wait!  Before you do that, you will want to go to NML (or NML Jazz) while on campus or after logging in through the proxy server.

  • Visit the Playlist section which is on the top menu bar
  • Click “Sign Up” on the Student / Member Playlists title bar
  • The email address and password you assign also act as your login credentials for the NML mobile apps
  • Complete the registration process by clicking the activation link in your email
  • Congratulations! You’re now ready to save personal playlists, and enjoy NML everywhere through the Mobile Apps!

Unfortunately, NAXOS Video Library does not have an app…yet.


A vast array of background information is available. Resources include:

  • Audio book transcriptions about the history of classical music and opera with listening examples.
  • Libretti and synopses of over 700 operas.
  • A pronunciation guide for composer and artist names.
  • A glossary.
  • An overview of important musical terms.
  • Work analyses and
  • Work details with instrumentation, publishers, duration, work information and available recordings.

Subscribers can also listen to classical music podcasts. A comprehensive online encyclopedia of classical music is in development.

Instructional Videos

The following instructional videos are available on YouTube


Be sure to log out when you are through!

This is an important courtesy to your fellow users as our subscription only allows ten simultaneous users.

New NAXOS media player!

  • More mobile accessibility. HTML5 cooperates far better with mobile devices than Flash does. Is a mobile app not yet available for your tablet or smartphone? For most users, this new player will work through your main mobile internet connection—no app needed! Simply log in and access music on your mobile internet browser just as you would on your computer.
  • More track information. The HTML5 player displays more information for each track, allowing you to find just the one you need. This is especially helpful when streaming, say, a disc or playlist full of Vivaldi works where half the tracks are simply titled “Allegro.” Now track lists in the player will include the rest of the work title so you can quickly identify which of those Allegros is THE Allegro.
  • More flexibility in player size. Previously, the player stayed the same size no matter how you expanded the window. Now, the player design adjusts to better fit the size of the window.


Visit our FAQ page or our blog for details.


NML can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, anytime. With the new iPhone / iPod Touch App / Android App subscribers can also access the service on the go.

The contents can be searched by composer, work, genre and label; by keyword search and by a sophisticated advanced search engine with up to 11 combined search criteria. In addition to allowing subscribers to listen to recordings, NML provides liner notes for most recordings. Listeners can create personalized playlists or use predefined Naxos Music Library playlists. For student around the world the library also offers playlists for graded music exams (ABRSM, Trinity/Guildhall) in various categories and grades.

Accessing NAXOS

Go to the Library's Databases page and click on the NAXOS link. If you are on campus, you will be taken to NAXOS. If you are off campus, you will be asked to log in with your AU email name and password.

You may also click on any NAXOS link located on any of the library's Research Guides or web pages. 

Once you have arrived you will see a greeting in the upper left corner saying - Welcome Anderson University.

You may search and listen to the music of your choice, your instructor's playlists, or view/listen to any of the documents or playlists located under the Resources tab. No additional login is required.

Tips for Use

Creating a Personal Account
  • Go to Playlist Page > Sign Up (Fill out and submit form)
Creating a Playlist
  • Professors or Administrators - You have the authority to create institution playlists by logging in with the library's professor or administrator username and password.
  • Students / Members - Students may create their own private playlists after creating a Student / Member Playlist Account (subject to permission of the institution / organization). Login as usual. Click on the Playlist tab and sign up. Follow the instructions to create your own playlists. You will need to sign in to your student playlists account to access your personal playlists from the Institution Playlist page, or log in from the general login page at for the web version, or access with our mobile apps (Andriod/iOS).
Viewing Static URLs to Playlists
  • Click on Playlist tab followed by "Show Static URL" located at the top right of the playlists. Static URLs can be copied and integrated into assignments.
Viewing Static URLs to Tracks or Works
  • Select an album. When the album page opens, click the "Show Static URL" icon on the right above the track list. This will reveal a list of static URLs for all works and tracks on the album. Static URLs can be copied and integrated into assignments.
Can I exit by just going to another website or close the window?
  • No. Please click the Log Out button at the top. When a user does not click Log Out before closing the browser, (s)he is still registered as logged in until the session is timed out. The user space will be released after one hour. Please ask all your users to log out properly before closing the browser or visit another website.