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MUH 530: Orientations

Orientation Survey 2021-22

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Music History Orientation

The information covered in this Power Point orientation may also be found under the Research Tips Tab. (above)

How Books are Arranged on the Shelf

Library of Congress System – The Library of Congress System arranges books (as well as scores and audio visuals) on the shelf according to subject. Music materials are stored in the M’s. There are three main categories.

               M – Music (Scores) and Books on Music

               ML – Literature on music

               MT – Musical Instruction and Study

These main categories are then divided into major and minor topics.


               MT 1-960 Instruction and study

                        MT 1  General works

                        MT 2.5  Music study abroad

                        MT 3-5  History

                        MT 5.5-7  Music theory

                        MT 9-15  Printed pedagogical aids

                        MT 9  Examinations, exercises, etc.

                        MT 10  Teachers’ and supervisors


You can browse for materials on a like topic by starting with the appropriate Library of Congress number.

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