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MKT 350 - Market Research: Group 3

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Group 3 Assignment

Group #3: Produce a Christmas Festivals in the Greenville area
-this group is looking for how many people participated in Holiday festivities in the greater Greenville/Anderson area including festivals, light displays, outdoor concerts, parades, ect. 

Advice for this assignment

  • Google may prove to be your best place to start.
  • Supplement with OneSearch.
  • Identify local and state Holiday Festivals. Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg. Contact promoters for info.
  • Identify best Holiday Festivals nationally for Best Practices.
  • Search internet by name of specific festivals.
  • “Christmas festivals South Carolina” - found in SCIWAY.NET - South Carolina SC - Calendar of Events, Festivals - December 2017 
  • Google news articles about individual festivals. Themes – Christmas lights, tours of homes, restaurants, parades, charity balls, live music, indoor/outdoor, connections to other events.
  • If they have their own webpages, examine that content. Consider contacting the Festival organizers for more information. If you do, pick the bigger, more established ones.
  • Look at other festivals for ideas.
  • Google “” for a list of festivals.

Promoters may not know how many people attend as most do not sell tickets. Sometimes they fall back on Hotel occupancy rates, sales, number of participants (booths, vendors, parade floats, etc.) anecdotal observations, etc.