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MGT 443 - Leadership: Research

Key Terms

Patient centered care

Patient and family centered care

Patient and family experience

Outcome data



Patient satisfaction

Health care tracking systems

Quality improvement

Health care - Data mining

Affordable Care Act

Medical care - Quality control  - Statistical methods.

Medical care - Quality control - Data processing.

Medical records - Management

Medical records - Management - Data processing

Health services administration - Computer networks

Health services administration - Data processing

Information storage and retrieval system - Hospitals

Performance management

Organizational effectiveness.

Outcome assessment - Medical care

Healthcare industry - Data - Intelligence tools

Organizational effectiveness - Evaluation

Information storage and retrieval systems - Medical Care

Quality of care assessment tools

Assignment 1

Question 1.) Hayden & Alex: Performance Management & Accountability

What tools and organization-wide computer systems are available to manage people, processes, and the environment? i.e tracking everything from attendance to achieving specified employee goals at a hospital

(The focus in on customer service). Which vendors sell the tools you researched and are shown to be most effective?


Begin by researching performance management so you are clear on what performance management is and then Google "healthcare accountability,"  as well as other related key words. Also, carefully read the article on high reliability organizations and leadership in Canvas for next week, Sept. 16.

Recommended Books and eBooks

Recommended Databases

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