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MGT 443 - Leadership: Assignment 2

HCAHPS Survey Questions


The industry in question can be called Health Infomatics

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However, small companies are sometimes owned by larger companies which in turn may do business in many business areas.

Assignment 2

Questions 2.) Alani & Oscar: Patient & Family Experience

What are good programs and tools related to the "patient and family experience?" What types of programs and training are offered in healthcare related to patient and family experience that Mr. Sinkele needs to know?  Family members give feedback to AnMed after a patient is in the hospital. Which vendors sell the tools you researched and are shown to be most effective?

Begin by researching vendors, such as PRC, Professional Resource Consulting. ‚ÄčAlso, use Google Scholar and search the "patient and family experiences." Carefully read the article on high reliability organizations and leadership in Canvas for next week, Sept. 16.‚Äč

Patient and Family Experience"


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