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About the Library: Group Study Rooms

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services

Welcome and Mission

“The purpose of the Thrift Library’s Group Study Rooms is to provide a place for small groups of students to engage in collaborative and cooperative study - while protecting the quiet study environment surrounding them.”

The Thrift Library has 9 study rooms available either by reservation or on a first come - first served basis including:

  • One 12-Seat Group Study Room - Downstairs
  • Six 6-Seat Group Study Rooms - Downstairs
  • One 8-Seat Group Study Room - Downstairs
  • One 6-Seat Group Study Room - Upstairs - Also used as the One Button Studio.


To reserve a Group Study Room

Reservations are posted in the window of the Group Study Room.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Room Policies and Procedures

Updated and Endorsed by Student Government Association

January 13, 2010

Reserve Procedure -

  • Students may reserve Group Study Rooms in advance at the Front Desk or by calling 231-2050.
  • Only one reservation may be made at time.
  • Other students may use the reserved room on a first come, first served basis up until the time reserved.
  • Groups without reservations may not displace current users of a study room, even single users. However they may reserve an "under-occupied" room – one occupied by less than half of its seating, effective 15 minutes after completion of the reservation.
  • In the case of reserving an "under-occupied" room, the librarian will, at his or her convenience, choose the most appropriate room and place a reservation notice in its window. After posting the reservation notice, the occupant(s) will have 15 minutes to vacate the room.

Prohibited Use -

In order to ensure adequate student access to the Thrift Library’s group study facilities, reservations will be accepted solely for study groups unless granted special permission by the Library Director.

Reservations will not be accepted for the following -

  • Individual use
  • Groups of less than 3 or 4
  • Reservations of more than one room at a time
  • Repetitive use
  • Clubs
  • Bible studies
  • Committees
  • Meetings
  • Office space
  • Class use

Limitations -

  • 3 hour maximum with no renewal when others are waiting.
  • Six seat rooms must be reserved for a minimum of three users.
  • Eight seat rooms must be reserved for a minimum of four users.
  • Bottled water only! No food!
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb others. Rooms are not soundproof!
  • Failure to occupy the room within 15 minutes of start time will result in cancellation of reservation.

Open Use Policy -

While the Group Study Room “Reservation” Policy is purposely restrictive, its “Open Use Policy” is not. Simply stated, “Unreserved rooms may be used on a first come, first served basis.” 


  • All study rooms are left unlocked and are available on a first come, first serve basis - unless they have been reserved.
  • Users must comply with all library and university rules.