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About the Library

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Library Personnel


Dr. Melanie Croft Director of Library Services 864-321-2049

Access Services

Ms. Darlene McKay Head of Access Services 864-231-2157
Ms. Miranda Walker Library Assistant 864-231-5740
Mr. Roderick Houston Library Assistant 864-231-5740
Ms. Sarah Mueller Library Assistant 864-231-2050
Ms. Cynthia Stanley Library Assistant 864-231-2050

Research and Instruction

Mr. Fred Guyette Research and Instruction Librarian 864-231-5743
Ms. Kenzie Barnett Research and Instruction Archivist 864-231-5748
Ms. Whitney Rice Research and Instruction Librarian 864-231-5751

Collection Management

Ms. Dana Whelchel Head of Collection Management 864-231-2863
Ms. Betsy Elsner Systems and Digital Resources Librarian 864-231-5745
Ms. Beth Miller Library Assistant 864-231-2148


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