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Troubleshooting Issues with Printing & Copying

The printers and color copier located in Thrift Library can only be used by current AU students, faculty, and staff. The machines are self-service and print on standard 8.5 x 11 white copy paper. The library is not equipped to facilitate special print jobs.* Please do not attempt to change the type or size of paper in the machines. 

Every AU student is given a print allowance of $20 per semester for usage on the university-provided printers located in the library. Printing is charged at the rate of $0.05 per B/W side and $0.25 per color side. 

If students need to print more than their allowance will cover, they can go to AU Central (located on the ground floor of the Thrift Library building) and add money to their print balance. Money added to the print balance will be carried over from semester to semester and will only be used once the semester allotment is consumed.

Let the Thrift Library Circulation Desk personnel know if the copier or printers jam or need more paper.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 231-2457 or at if the copier or a printer runs out of ink or doesn't copy/print correctly.


*Resources for Special Print Jobs

The Electric City Creative Makerspace at the Anderson Main Library (1 mile from campus) offers several types of specialized printing.

The UPS Store, located at 713 E. Greenville Street, Suite D (0.8 miles from campus) is able to process special print jobs.

The AU Print Shop is available to faculty and staff.

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