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BUS 401 International Business: Orientation


BUS 490 Orientaton

This orientation is designed to familiarize business majors with the Thrift Library's best resources for analyzing and comparing company performance within their respective industries.

Step 1. View the BUS 490 Orientation (below) - Learn where to find the library's resources - books, eBooks, databases and free websites. Learn how to research specific topics such as Market Share, Main Competitors, Projected Income, Growth Rates, NAICS and SIC Codes, SWOTS, Financial Ratios, Rankings, etc.

Step 2. Examine the Business Resources Online Grid (below) - The grid lists the content of the most important databases noting both what you can find there... and what you cannot. This will prevent you from wasting your valuable time looking in the wrong place.

Step 3. Examine the Sample Business Questions (below) - This handout was created by your professors and contains the most important questions they want answered. It also contains advice and specific directions to take you to the correct answers.

Step 4. Take the Online Quiz. (Ten quick questions.) You will need the following to take the quiz:

  • Business Resources Online Grid
  • Sample Business Questions

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