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McGraw Hil's AccessMedicine Platform




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FYI - Y0u will need to register online and create a personal profile before downloading app to your device!

Faculty Support - Choosing the right content

Loading eBooks into Canvas

Faculty can load eBooks into Canvas by copying the url at the top of the screen and pre-pending the proxy prefix.


Proxy Prefix -      

url for Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 20e (found at top of screen)  -

                Working url for use in Canvas -

FYI - The proxy prefix is required for off campus use.

The platform provides assistance with citations and url generation, but only on the chapter level.

Drill down to an individual chapter, in this case, Chapter 1.Then copy the new url. Add the proxy prefix and post to Canvas.

Citing Sources


  • You cannot Download this content!
  • You can Print, Share, and Cite individual chapters, but not the whole book, by using the options under the Chapter Title.


However, the only Citation styles supported are AMA and MLA.


The example above shows you how to cite Chapter 1. If you wanted to cite the entire book, you would need to eliminate the chapter- The Practice of Medicine - from the citation.