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OPAL - Genealogy and Local History Committee - Anderson, Oconee, Pickens

About the Committee

Genealogy/Community History Committee
Charge:  Determine what genealogy resources exist at the six area libraries and how best to communicate their availability to the community.
Specifically, to:
  • Conduct an inventory of what genealogy resources exist at each of the six area libraries
  • Explore whether a joint platform for access to these resources is warranted and what it would look like (LibGuide, web site, shared subscriptions, etc.?)
  • Compose a communication plan to let community members know what genealogy resources exist in the area
  • Identify areas which may warrant the development of joint print or digital collections, programming
  • Experiment by conducting a genealogy program or two
Deliverable:  Provide a report which documents what genealogy resources exist across the libraries, and includes recommendations for future resource sharing and programming as well as communication regarding the availability of these resources to the community.  Report should be completed by June 2020, with an update to the Directors on December 2019.

Libraries / Committee Members

Special Collections - OPAL (Oconee Pickens Anderson Libraries) - A Short List

Colleagues, please identify a dozen or so items in your collections that you think would be of interest to the committee, add them to the spreadsheet, and then email them to 

State and Local Museums and Societies

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