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Innovators For Class Presentations

Chester Barnard

Warren Bennis

W. Edwards Deming

Henri Fayol 

Mary Parker Follet

Henry Ford 

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth

‚ÄčAbraham Maslow

Peter F. Drucker

Elton Mayo

Douglas McGregor

Henry Mintzberg

Michael Porter

Alfred Sloan

Frederick Taylor

Max Weber

Rubrics and Criteria for the Class Presentations

Class Team Case Presentation

Each assigned group will give One (1) or Two (2) creative 20 – 25 minute oral presentation on a twentieth century management innovator to the class.  The team will be responsible to field a question and answer period following the presentation.  The presentation should focus on the management innovators contribution to management theory and practice.  Who inspired the management innovator’s thought and work?  Where do we still see evidence of the work of the management innovator?  The presentation should be professional in nature complete with visual aids.  Each team will be required to turn in all information used in your presentation It should also be highly creative yet professional.

This is a class in Management.  As such, the group must Plan, Organize, Lead, and Control the presentation.  Plan the presentation to be informative, address the questions asked, and stay within the time window allotted.  (Time Limit:  Do not be short.  Do not go over.  Less than 10 minutes will receive no credit).  Organize the presentation in a logical order.  Lead the classroom discussion regarding the presentation.  Be prepared to address questions.  Ask questions of the audience if none are asked of your group.  Lastly, control the presentation.  Again, stay within the parameters set.

Please note that there will be no make-up times available.  Sign up for a timeslot for which you can assure that you will be in class.

Management Innovator Group Presentation Grade Sheet

Name: ___________________________      Start: _______            Stop: ________

Topic: _______________________________

Eye Contact and Use of Notes – (3)

Note – staring at the board or at 1 person distracts from the presentation.  Students should not read their report.

Expression, Language & Forcefulness.  Engagement of Class –(3)

Note – if the student is not excited about their subject then why should other people be attentive.  Do they use words that one can understand and that put emphasis on the main points.  Are there points of interaction for the audience?

Tools (handouts & overheads) –(3)

Note – Visual aids are required so the class can follow along.  Overheads should be clear and readable.

Validity Evidence of Research/Knowledge –(3)

Note – Has a valid argument been made to prove their main point.  Did they site reference material or provide supporting data to add creditability.

Adherence to Time Limits –(3)

Note – time limits are a fact of life especially as you enter the business world.

Management Innovator Team Evaluations:   Name of Evaluator:___________________

Management Innovator:_______________

You have worked together as a team on this project. 

Below I’d like you to evaluate each member of your team.  List each member and provide a rating as defined below.  Consider both effort and contribution of each member in your evaluation.

5 Points

4 Points

3 Points

2 Points

0 Points

Presentation Team Evaluation

Team members gave an excellent rating.

Team members gave a good rating.

Team members gave an average rating.

Team members gave a below average rating.

Team members gave a rating of no participation on the project.

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