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International Project

Part 1:  Country profile:

Part 2:  Marketing research:

  • Marketing research information / Industry metrics (if you are looking to take ChickFilA to India you would want to look at the fast food or restaurant industry in India.  You want to see growth trends over the past years and market share)  The online library is a good resource to find things, especially MERGENT ONLINE 
  • 4 P’s of Marketing for your product (Price, Promotion, Place & Product)
  • Assessment of competition

Part 3:  Operations

  • Definition of production or service.  Explain what the product and service is and how you will set up the business.  How will you get your products…
  • HR profile for top, middle and line management… Who will you hire (what nationality)?  Why?

Part 4:  Entry strategy

  • Entry strategy you will adopt.  Why?
  • Assessment of macro risks.  What are the economic, political and religious risks.
  • Do you suggest making the investment into that country or not?

Example of a research project

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