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Science Research: Databases

Learn more about using our library's resources in your science research.

Accessing the Databases

If you are off campus, you will be prompted to log in, which is the same as all AU log ins.  Example: Username: Password: Your AU email password.  

Welcome to STAT!Ref

This page should give some basics regarding the various tools to which we can access through our STAT!Ref subscription.
These links go to the STAT!Ref page where you can gain access to them.

These include:

AAFP Conditions A-Z (2013) AAFP Conditions A-Z MedCalc 3000 MedCalc3000
Stedman's Medical Dictionary Stedman's Medical Dictionary                  Launch Anatomy TV Anatomy & Physiology 3D Human Online

STAT!Ref basics

STAT!Ref screenshot

As you can see from the screen shot above, our subscription with STAT!Ref contains many tools.  There are approximately 400 resources from over 50 disciplines available.

When using the “Search:” box or the “Advanced Search Page” tools, the searches will include PubMed, CDC, TOXNET, AAFP, and other resources.  All results will be in full-text format.

When you create a STAT!Ref account, you can save searches as well as sign up for evidence alerts.  These will inform you when new information on your specified topic is posted.  Also, with your STAT!Ref account, you can use STAT!Ref off-campus without logging in to the proxy server AND you can use STAT!Ref® Mobile Access for iOS, Android, and Blackberry!  You must create the account while on campus or logged into the proxy server.  For more information, see My STAT!Ref Account Login and click on “For more information click here.” The app allows access to AAFP Conditions and MedCalc3000.  If you find a result with a term you want to learn more about, highlight the term and click "Define." This will get you to a Stedman's Medical Dictionary entry.


If you do not already have a My STAT!Ref account, you can create one by: clicking on the "My STAT!Ref" link at the top of the page just before the “Help | Support” links and filling out the information to create an account.  Click “Log In/Create Account.”

There is a check box to "Remember your My STAT!Ref settings on this computer". If this is checked, then each login from that computer will be automatically logged into your My STAT!Ref account. This should not be checked if you are not the exclusive user of the computer.

Once your account is created you can set your My STAT!Ref settings however you like (as described under "Editing a My STAT!Ref Account" below). Each time you use STAT!Ref, remember to log in so that your My STAT!Ref settings will take effect.

Science Databases

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