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eTextbooks for Faculty




  • Titles are in alphabetical order. Remember to look for your title under A, An, and The
  • The URL is in the last column on the right and has been modified for off campus use.
  • Always verify the url from off campus.
  • Always verify the title. eTextbooks have different ISBNs than textbooks, and often different copyright dates.
  • Only you can decide if a similar title is appropriate.


Cost saved = Cost of one physical texbook X number of classes using that title X average class size (20).

This marks the largest percentage of textbooks ever supplied by the library  - about  25%.
*The number of pre-owned titles varies by semester and can greatly lower the library's cost.
**The library was unable to obtain a list of textbooks in time to make purchases for the Summer of 2020.

Opening / Viewing / Printing / Downloading 

With over a dozen eBook databases, the rules of use can vary greatly.

  • While some database let you view content freely,
  • Some require you to create a personal print or download.
  • Some databases provide access to the whole eBook, others to individual chapters.
  • Not all allow downloading.