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eTextbooks for Faculty

Attention Faculty


  • Look up the title in the spreadsheet (posted at top of Home Page)
  • Titles in Yellow should be matches.
  • Titles in Green are alternative titles for your consideration.
  • Verify access by clicking on the link (far right column) from off campus. It should take you to the eBook record in OneSearch.
  • Verify the eBook. Same title, author, publisher, copyright, edition.
    • FYI - eBook titles often have different ISBNs and may even have different copyright dates. If so, match to edition,
  • Navigate the title and verify functionality.
  • Test the title on an iPad.
    • If you have trouble with the technology, so will your students.
    • NOTE that some eBooks download in full, others by chapter. Some may be too big for an iPad and can only be used online.
  • If your title is not highlighted we were not able to obtain it for unlimited users or for the correct edition.


  • Copy and paste the url provided (far right column of spreadsheet) into Canvas.
  • Retest the url.
  • Post the Help on Using Ebooks link in Canvas.
  • Please promote with your students.


  • All selected eBooks are for unlimited users.
  • eTextbooks are scattered across many databases.
  • Each database has unique functions and rules of operation.
  • Some allow linking / downloading to individual chapters - not the whole eBook.
  • We recommend that you do not download!
    • Reading online gives you a better experience.
    • Most databases require you to create a personal account before downloading and printing.
    • Most databases require you to install Adobe Digital Edition on your computer to download and read offline.
    • Most databases require you to ALSO install the Bluefire Reader App onto your iPad to download and read offline.
    • Once you install Bluefire Reader you must synch your iPad to your computer.
    • Instructions for downloading eBooks from various vendors may be found on the iPad Guide
  • While these titles are discoverable in OneSearch - Use the links provided in the spreadsheet.
    • We may own earlier editions
    • We may own editions with limited users
    • We may have access to subscription-based editions that could disssapeare in the middle of the semester.
    • We may own similar sounding titles, but which are different