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eTextbooks for Faculty

Suggestions for lowering or eliminating the cost of textbooks 

1. Check both OneSearch for eBooks the library already owns. Some are licensed for unlimited users. Some can be upgraded.

2. This summer, twice as many textbooks were found already in our collection as were purchased.

3. Consider a textbook by publishers who will license for unlimited users, such as Taylor & Francis, Rutledge, Sage, Cambridge, or Springer.

  • FYI - Springer sells $25.00 print copies if the library already owns the eBook.

3. Don't forget supplementary materials to your textbooks. Primary sources, readers, handbooks, parallel readings,etc. Sometimes these are easier to acquire than textbooks.

4. Consider alternative titles before you make a decision.

5. Ask your library liaison for help.

CAUTION! Not all textbooks are equal! 

If your textbook comes bundled with an access card or other online resources, an eBook is probably not the answer.

Many eBooks are not available to substitute for textbooks. Some publishers protect their sales by limiting the number of eBook users to one or three, or simply choose not to release the current edition to libraries.

Rough rule of thumb - Expect only 5% to 10% of textbook titles to be available as eBooks.

Cambridge eTextbooks

Cambridge offerd select eTextbooks.

$500 for unlimited users.

Contact your library liaison for help.


Springer Nature eTextbooks

Springer Nature offers over 8,500 eTextbooks for unlimited users.

Students can then purchase a print copy, if they wish, for $25.00..

All eBooks are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free. No restrictions on the number of simultaneous users, downloads and printing. 

Contact your library liaison for purchase.

Recommended Publishers for eTextbooks