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Student Library Survey 2018-19: Home


The grand prize winner of a $25 Target Gift Card is
  • Tiffany E Russell 

Runners up for travel mugs, flash drives, bags, headphones, and homemade brownies are…

  • Miranda  Sandoval 
  • Melanie A Pretorius
  • Matthew B Ruzika 
  • Gabriella S Ditommaso 
  • Grace E Moffatt 
  • Thomas H Dotson 

Overall Score 2008-09 - 2018-19

2018-19 Scores

This year's survey had 559 participants, the highest ever.

FYI - Great Year!

Highest Overall Score Ever - 4.48

Most participants ever - 575.

Most Online Students ever - 80.

High Score - 4.90 - Library Facilities are clean and well maintained - We will pass on your compliments to Housekeeping.

Low Score - 3.75 - Library Hours - We are looking for ways to increase hours and hope to conduct an experiment during the last two weeks of the semester. More on this later.