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Faculty Library Survey, 2018-19: Trends

Overall Score

Trends - Individual Questions

                                                                                                                  2014-15    2016-17    2018-19

Classroom instruction is useful and effective.                                     4.2              4.3            4.45

Thank you. We have been working diligently on this service.


Library materials are purchased and cataloged in a timely manner.  4.3             4.4             4.67

Technical services continues to do an excellent job under Dana Whelchel.


Student assistants are courteous and helpful.                                     4.8             4.7             4.62

While trending down, this remains one of our highest scoring areas.


There were no trends for Catagories.


Two years ago the library scored its highest overall score ever. This year we did it again, enjoying three successive surveys of strong improvement.

These scores are incredibly encouraging accomplishments for the library,.