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Faculty Library Survey, 2018-19: Full Time vs. Part Time




This is the first year there were enough part time participants to provide a statistically significant group to compare with full time faculty.

Part time faculty are less engaged with the library

  • They visit its facilities less than half as often
  • They use its online resources slightly more than half as often

Part time faculty rate the library significantly lower than full time faculty - 3.86 vs. 4.34. However an examination of individual scores show them to be nuanced - some lower, some higher, and some identical.

  • The biggest difference for a Category was in Acquisitions - 3.68 vs. 4.46
  • The smallest difference for a Category was in Staff and Services - 4.16 vs. 4.48

Part time faculty scored the library higher in

  • Student assistants are courteous and helpful - 4.8 vs. 4.7
  • Librarians are knowledgeable and adept at finding information. - 5.0 vs. 4.7

Their highest and lowest questions were:

  • Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful. - 5.0
  • Librarians are knowledgeable and adept at finding information. - 5.0
  • I can easily determine the status of my orders. - 3.0

There were also 4 questions with identical scores.

Surprisingly, part tme faculty scored slightly higher  than full time faculty in:

  • I schedule at least one library orientation each year. - 36% vs. 32%.


FT Highest Score

  • Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful. - 4.83
  • My library liaison responds quickly to my request. 4.83

PT Highest Scores 

  • Student assistants are courteous and helpful. - 5.00
  • Course Reserve - 5;00

FT Lowest Score

  • Online Journals. - 3.67

PT Lowest Score - 

  • Library budget for my area - 4.00


Part time faculty report they are more engaged in the library than full faculty, though less likely to provide links to library resources in Canvas.

Action List

Request budget increase for new Online Journals and Collections within my discipline.