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Faculty Library Survey, 2018-19: Scores



Highest score - Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful.    4.84

Lowest score - Online journals.    3.90

Although the library has access to over 40,000 online journals through its aggregated databases, we continue to have requests for additional journals or extended coverage to current subscriptions. FYI - Many of our titles do no show up in our databases for several months or even several years. The only way to fill these gaps is to subscribe to the journal. Typically the bigger the gap, the more expensive the journal.

The average cost of one of our journals through an aggregated database is currently less than $5.00

The average cost of our online journals purchased from the publisher is currently $574. We currently have 24. The average cost would be higher, but we cannot afford the more costly ones. Believe it or not, some run higher than $15,000.

Highest Area - STAFF - 4.76

Lowest Area- COLLECTIONS - 4.20

The five lowest scores were ALL under COLLECTIONS. This is primarily a budget issue. 


If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact the library at or 231-2050.