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Faculty Library Survey, 2018-19: Home

We want to know what you think.


This year's survey was the shortest ever with only 28 questions. The first makeover in ten years places a greater emphasis on digital resources and services while de-emphasizing Acquisitions and Self Assessment of Library Skills.

Questions eliminated or simplified included:

  • Printed Materials are up to date.
  • Printed Materials are easy to find.
  • The library provides the online resources I need.
  • Online resources are reliably accessible from off campus.
  • Online resources are easy to use.
  • The library's web page is easy to use.
  • The library's Research Guides are useful and effective.
  • Library acquisition policies & procedures and budget are well communicated.

New questions included:

  • Online Journals
  • eBooks
  • Collections within my discipline
  • Library Budget for my area
  • Research Assistance
  • Course Reserves
  • Online library instruction

Additionally, a number of self assessment questions were eliminated:

  • I have adequate skills to find the books and journals I need.
  • I know how to use my major's databases.
  • I know how to find and use eBooks.
  • I understand current methods of research in my field.
  • I can easily determine the status of my orders.
  • I participate fully in developing collections in my area.

Consequently not all questions can be tracked backwards over time. While it is impossible to compare scores of new questions to scores of eliminated questions, those scores which track back in time grew for six questions and decreased for only 3, remaining level in the rest.


Some questions were simplified

  • Printed Materials are adequate for my needs was changed to Books.
  • Interlibrary loans are done in timely fashion was changed to Borrowing from Other Libraries.


Less emphasis was given to physical resources and services, and more to digital.

Overall the survey has fewer questions and is quicker and easier to complete.

Lastly, a move to the Qualtrics Survey now allows collection of scores with two digits past the decimal instead of one.


Welcome to the biennial 2018-19 Faculty Library Survey Results where you will learn:

  • How the Thrift Library did in this year's survey in comparison with other years.
  • What suggestions you provided.
  • What we are going to do about them.


53 Faculty participated - Second highest ever!

Overall Score - 4.49 - Highest ever!

Highest Score - Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful. - 4.84

Lowest Score - Online journals - 3.90.

Due to the strong growth in overall scores, the results were sometimes confusing. In more than one instance, a low score might be a very good score when looked at from an historical perspective.

Also, both Part Time and Graduate Faculty self reported that they were more engaged with the library than Full Time and Undergraduate Faculty, a counter-intuitive idea.

Faculty are becoming less concerned with physical collections and services and more concerned with digital.

Despite having over 40,000 online journals at their disposal, faculty see problems with having the RIGHT online journals and having to deal with long delays before content finally shows up in databases.