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EDC 201 - Early Childhood Discipline: Growth and Development: Home

Skills Inventory - Please take at begining of Orientation


Research Guide Assignment: 
For this assignment, you are going to visit the Thrift Library Research Guide page for our course. 
The Research Guide provides links to resources we will use throughout the course. In this first assignment, you will begin familiarizing yourself with the guide by reviewing an article in the Developmental Timeline section of the guide. 
Your Developmental Timeline project requires the use of 2-3 peer reviewed sources. Your textbook can be used as one source, so you will need to find at least one more source to support your project. 
Directions for this assignment:
  • Familiarize yourself with the Research Guide. Here is the link.
  • Choose one source to review for this assignment that will also be used on your timeline. 
  • On a document submit:
    • APA citation for the article
    • 5 facts from the article that you can use in your timeline
Developmental Timeline: 
Each student will create a developmental timeline using pictures, text, quotes, ideas, etc. The sections of the timeline should address the stages identified in our text: Part 1: Infancy to Toddler, Part Two: Preschool, and Part Three: Primary. Each section should address:
       a) Physical and motor development, 
       b) Psychosocial development, 
       c) Cognitive development, 
       d) Language and literacy development. 
Each area of each section should include a personal component about your development in that particular section which could include pictures, anecdotes, or artifacts.
TED Talk- Child Development Research: 
Each student will select a topic that they are passionate or curious about that is related to the growth and development of the young child. The purpose of research is to inform action. Researching issues within the child development field will develop your knowledge about children and inform your teaching practices.
After picking your topic, you will research recent peer-reviewed journals and articles for statistics and information on a national, state, and local level. Peer-reviewed articles are written by experts and are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in the journal in order to ensure the article's quality. You can find peer-reviewed resources through the Thrift Library online search and Google Scholar after checking the peer-reviewed box. Be sure to utilize the Thrift Library Research Guide 
You will choose three peer-reviewed articles that were published in the last five years for this assignment to complete your very own TED Talk!!  Your TED Talk will inform your audience about your topic and why it matters. 
Your TED Talk must include:
  • APA formatted reference page
  • Three peer-reviewed articles on your topic published within the last five years
  • Current information on the topic
  • Why this topic relevant to future teachers
  • Your perspective on the topic
  • Information at the national, state, and local level