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New in the Library

Online Resoures - How can the Thrift Library help you online? Watch our introductory video.

A rescue boat with many oarsmen is out on a stormy sea to help a ship in distress. [Photograph]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Need a Textbook?

During the short time before online classes began the Thrift Library searched for every textbook for every class and tried to obtain an eBook for unlimited users. 

FYI - We had already done that before the beginning of Spring semester and shared urls with faculty to load into Canvas - about one in ten titles. Unsurprisingly the second search was not very successful. We only found two additional titles, which we then shared with faculty to add to Canvas.

Bottom line - If a textbook is available for purchase for unlimited online users, we have bought it and made it available through the Library Catalog. Your instructor should have also posted the link in Canvas.

If you want to double check you can search the Library Catalog or the list in the box below.

eTextbooks Spring 2020

eTextbooks Spring 2020




Titles are in alphabetical order. Remember to look for your title under A, An, and The




Exam Hours - What did we learn from the great experiment of Spring 2019? What did we learn from Fall 2019?

Its Here! The New York Times. On your phone and iPad its an App. On your computer it's a webpage.

 Subscribe to the New York Times, on your computer, iPad, and smartphone.

Just download the app, push the button, and voila, the New York Times, when and where you want it. 

  •  Content all the way back to volume 1.
  • Alerts. - Doing a paper on Brexit? Set up an alert. Just interested in the new Star Wars movie? Set up an alert. 
  • A supporting website for classroom teachers and students.

Watch Our New 4 min. Online Resources Video

How do you find the Thrift Library's

200+ databases

Half million eBooks, 

50,000 online journals,

263,000 streaming videos

2 million streaming audios?

Start with our new introductory video created by AU student - Bates Whitaker.


What do you mean it's all FREE? Are you kidding me?

Image Credit -   United States: c. 1956..A woman expresses shock and surprise at what her friend has just said.. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 2 Nov 2019.

Thrift LIbrary App - It's Free

One Button - Record your speeches and presentations with the push of a button

Thrift Library Equipment - We keep buying more

 Charging cables and adapters for iPads, Smart Phones (Apple and Android), Apple pencils, etc.

Thrift Library Video

New Mac Print stations at Thrift Library

Printing: Color = 25 cents a print   B&W = 5 cents a print

Scanning to your AU email = FREE!

Copying = same as printing cost



Printing on Main Floor of the Library


Printing on second floor of library! Near the stairs as well as in Bunton.

Follow Thrifty the Library Squirrel @thriftlib on the Insta!

Microphones, cameras, stands, cables, devices - The library has what you need to create media


Upgraded Database - Business Source Ultimate

  3,507 active full-text journals and magazines

  2,112 active full-text peer-reviewed journals

  20% Bigger than its predecessor Business Source Complete. 

  Includes many EconLit Full Text Titles

ProQuest Ebook Central is bigger and better!

BEP - Business Expert Press - 50 eBooks

HEB eBooks on Fulcrum

NEW - 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, available online and in print

New Database - Tumble Book Library - Animated Children's Books