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Education: Using the Curriculum Lab

Curriculum Lab

The Curriculum Lab contains textbooks, juvenile books, games, kits, testing materials, manipulatives, and more.


Material Type

The most common material type is Textbooks, but other material types include the following:

2-D - Charts/Graphs/Maps (2-dimensional objects)

3-D - Globes/Models/Realis (3 dimensional objects)

BIG BK - Big Books

BKLT - Booklets (too small to be a book)

CD - Music and Spoken Word CDs

Educational Journals

GAME - Games

KIT - Kits / Manipulatives

SCDOE - S.C.Dept of Education Materials

SHEET - Sheet music

TEST - Educational and Psychological Tests

            Ask for these at the Circulation Desk

THEME - Thematic Units (collections of lesson plans on specific themes)

VIDEO - Video

Special Catagories

Grades 1-8 have no special designation

MIDDLE - Middle School

HIGH - High School

TECH - Tech Prep

Search strategies in OneSearch for Curriculum Lab Materials

Juvenile books

  • Search by author or title.
  • Seach for Cats. Then limit to Held by Library under Availability. Then limit to Books under Format.. The chose your genre under Genre. Examples incliude Juvenile fiction, Juvenile literature, and more.
  • The call number for Juvenile Books located in the Curriculum Lab begins with "Juvenile Books". but you may also find Big Books, Kits, ane more. 
  • Caution: Some Juvenile Books such as Young Adult Literature may be located in the Thrift Library.

Juvenile Award Winners - Newbery and Caldecott

  • Search for either Newbery or Caldecott. Then limit to Held by Library under Availability. Then limit to Books under Format.


  • The best way to find a textbook is to browse for it on the shelf. If you want to use OneSearch, try searching for the location, the level, and the topic. Examples
    • Curr Elementary Read
    • Curr Middle SCI
    • Curr High School ALG. 
  • Then limit to Held by Library under Availability. Most will be textbooks (books), but you will also find thiings that ccompany textbooks such as KITS, GAMES, VIDEOS, REALIA, etc.

Other Formats

Search by the location (CURR) and the format. Examples are in the Material Type Box. Examples:

  • CURR Video

Then liimit to Held by library under Availability.

Subjects for Textbooks

ALG - Algebra

ART - Art

BIOL - Biology

C&S - Consumer and Homemaking

CIVIC - Civics

ECON - Economics

GOV - Government

H&S - Health and Safety

HAND - Handwriting

HIST - History

LA - Language Arts, Literature, English, Written & Oral Composition and Grammar

MATH - Math                                            SCI PHYSICAL - Physical Science                                    

MUSIC - Music                                         SOC - Sociology, Fusion, S.C. Social Studies               

PHYS ED - Physical Education                SOC GEO - Geography

PRE-ALG - Pre-Algebra                            SOC SC -  South Carolina History

READ - Reading                                        SPELL - Spelling

SCI - Science                                            US HIST - United States History  

SCI LIFE - Life Science                        VOC - Vocabulary     

Subjects for Booklets

In addition to all the subject categories already mentioned, Booklets may have any of the following:

CLASS - Things of a general nature having to do with the classroom.

COMP - Computers

COOP - Cooperative Learning

GEOG - Geography

LAW - Legal Aspects

PHYS ED - Physical Education

PROF - Professional Development, Teacher Education, Certification, Job Hunting

STUDY - Study Skills

TEACH - Teaching Tips and Techniques, Discipline

Call Numbers

Materials are arranged on the shelf by Call Numbers. Since most educational materials do not have Library of Congress Numbers like the books in the library do, a special system was invented just for the Curriculum Lab.

  • Typical Elementary Level Textbook

CURR     Located in the Curriculum Lab

ART        Art Textbook

023S       Last number - 3- indicates grade level – Third grade

The digits preceding the grade level indicate publisher – Pearson, Houghton Mifflin, etc.

The S indicates Student Edition.  Teacher editions are indicated with a T.

  • Ancillary Materials

Many textbooks come with ancillary materials – workbooks, guides, graphics, etc. – which are shelved alongside the textbooks. This are indicated by the use of decimals.





  • Middle School Textbooks are noted with MIDDLE on the second line.
  • High School Textbooks are notes with HIGH on the second line.

Middle School      High School 

CURR                     CURR                         Curriculum Lab

MIDDLE                HIGH                          Level.  If Elementary, this line is omitted.

ART                        ART                             Subject

009S                      010S                            Last digit(s) MAY indicate grade - 9 = ninth, 10 = tenth, etc. However, not all high school subjects are taught in multiple grades. These are given an arbitrary number.


  • Juvenile Books - Both Fiction and Non-fiction

Juvenile Books PZ7.R79835 Har3 1999 - Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkabaan.

Juvenile - Caldecott PZ7.Y212 Cr 1983 - Crow boy

Juvenile - Newbery PZ7.C962 Cat 1994 - Catherine, called Birdy

Juvenile Books QL737.C23 P36 1990 - Amazing cats