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Education: Scholastic Guided Reading Program

How do you use it?

Identify the correct reading level.

Remove entire bin, taking care to keep materials together.

Please limit your use to one bin at a time to ensure materials stay together.

After using materials, return them to the bin and the bin to the shelf.

You may check out individual materials for three days.

Faculty may check out entire bins.


The library has the entire Fiction Collection, 2nd edition, consisting of:1,900 bar coded items

  • 1,560 Books (6 copies per title, including graphic novels)
  • 26 Teaching Guides
  • 260 Teaching Cards
  • 54 bins

Guided Reading

Scholastic Guided Reading Program - Fiction Collection, 2nd ed.

Reading Level Sticker

The front of each bin is labeled with a sticker to indicate reading level range.

  • Kindergarten (Levels A-D)
  • Grade 1 (levels A-I)
  • Grade 2 (levels E-N)
  • Grade 3 (Levels J-Q)
  • Grade 4 (Levels M-T)
  • Grade 5 (Levels Q-W)
  • Grade 6 (Levels T-Z)

Range of Readings Levels is Marked on Side of Bin