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Video Support for Faculty: Films on Demand

What is it?

FYI - Faculty

Great source for streaming videos for use in Canvas and Library Guides.

Films on Demand utilizes a "Patron Driven Acquisitions" model called PDA.

Any video watched three times triggers a one year, $75.00 subscription paid for the library. Departmental funds are NOT affected!

Faculty are encouraged to load individual titles or segments into Canvas. 

Some titles are available for purchase. Prices vary, but $500 it typical.

Contact you liaison for assistance or use Films on Demand's Help Button for FAQs and technical advice from the vendor.

What if Your Video Won't Play?

Films on Demand reports it is experiencing a temporary problem playing a limited number of videos.

If you get an error message while trying to play a video, here is a work around.

  1. Click on the Wheel Icon.
  2. Click on the AUTO Tab above it.
  3. Click on the Play Icon located in the center of the video.

Films on Demand

Adding titles to Canvas