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Video Support for Faculty: Alexander Street

Alexander Street Streaming Video


Major contributers:

A+E Networks’ HISTORY®
Now You Know Media
Documentary Educational Resources (DER)
Filmakers Library
Envision, Inc.
Stanley Milgram
Dallas Telecourses
Davidson Films
The Open University 
Insight Media
Annenberg Learner

Alexander Street Streaming Video

Go to the database to discover videos. 

You do not need to request videos. They are triggered via usage. You may however wish to ask your library liaison to create a link that will work both on and off campus.

Demand Driven - Once loaded into Canvas, the video generates a one year, $149 lease on the fourth viewing lasting 30 seconds or more.

50,000 titles to choose from.

Subscription term can be 3 years, $249, or purchase, $449. If used four years, title is paid for. Can upgrade at any time.

How to buy - Just load videos into Canvas using links to entire video or to specific sections - Clips and Bookmarks. Once a video is viewed for more than 30 seconds for the fourth time, purchase is automatically generated. The library pays the bill. There is no charge to your department.

Closed Captioned

Not all videos have closed caption. When opening a video look at the bottom right corner of the screen for a CC icon.

Alexander Street links with Open Athens in Canvas

Alexander Street: needs no additional redirector (click on "share the link" within the video tools and then right click to copy the link)