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Student Library Survey, 2016-17: 2016-17 Survey Results

Description of Participants


High and Low Scores

Highest Scores:
4.5 - I understand the rules of plagiarism.
4.4 - Library facilities are clean and well maintained.
4.2 – Librarians are consistently courteous and helpful.
4.2 - Student assistants are consistently courteous and helpful.
4.2 - Librarians are knowledgeable and adept at finding information.

Comments - This is only the second year in the nine year history of the Thrift Library that Library facilities are clean and well maintained was not the highest score. Although "second highest" is still wonderful, there have been increasing instances of coffee spills by library users smuggling in food and drink. We ask all library users to respect the No Food and Drink Policy, which was created with the specific purpose of keeping the library beautiful. If you are hungry and thirsty, Books & Beans is a very short trip to the basement. More... 
Lowest Scores:
3.6 - The library hours are convenient to my schedule
3.7 - Printed materials are easy to find.
3.8 – Interlibrary loans are done in a timely manner
3.8 - Printed Materials are up to date
3.8 – I know how to use my major’s databases.
3.8 – I know how to find and use eBooks.

Comments - Although these numbers are not bad, they do show the areas in the most need of improvement.

Regarding The Library hours - Library hours traditionally generate the lowest score and the most complaints. But library hours are not determined by complaints. They are determined by usage. Want to change the library’s hours? Vote with your feet! The library counts the number of people in the building every half hour. If you want the library to stay open longer, be in the library one half hour before closing and after opening - and then do it repeatedly. When our statistics go up, we will rethink hours.

Regarding Up to date printed materials – We agree. This summer the library will conduct a massive weeding project in which we will remove thousands of older books. Not all, because sometimes an old book is a good book, and it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a new copy of timeless book like Twain’s Life on the Mississippi or Homer’s Iliad just because it looks old. 

Regarding Interlibrary loans are done in a timely manner – The library expected a huge improvement in this category this year with the introduction of PASCAL Delivers, which delivers books by courier instead of by mail as in the past. Despite its promotion, the fact that delivery is significantly faster, and the fact that Interlibrary Loan statistics have skyrocketed, the survey score showed no improvement. Tough audience.

Regarding Printed materials are easy to find, I know how to use my major’s databases, and I know how to find and use eBooks - these are topics which will receive additional attention in next year’s library instruction. Since OneSearch is now the primary tool for finding and accessing library materials, less traditional methods, even database searching, gets less attention than in the past. We will rethink that this summer.