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Student Library Survey, 2016-17: Online Students

Participants Comparison



Online students are much more likely to never visit the library than traditional students - 66% vs. 2%. No surprise there.

The number of online students that use online resources more than 25 times per semester is much greater than traditional students 31% vs.9%.

Online students are much likelier to have not participated in a library orientation - 45% vs. 14%.

Online students rate themselves higher on personal knowledge (Understand how to find information, use databases, cite sources, understand plagiarism, etc.) -  4.19% vs.4.01%.

Interestingly Classroom students who visit and use the library at a much higher rate than online students (3.52 vs. 1.57) have a much higher opinion of its Staff and Services (4.02 vs. 3.85) and of its Facilities (4.05 vs. 3.88).

Classroom Students scored highest on

  • Librarians are consistently courteous and helpful- 4.2
  • Student assistants are consistently courteous and helpful- 4.2
  • Librarians are knowledgeable and adept at finding information- 4.2

Online Students scored highest on

  • I understand rules of plagiarism. - 4.6

Classroom Students scored lowest on

  • Library hours are convenient to my schedule. - 3.6

Online Students scored lowest on

  • Printed materials are easy to find - 3.5