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Student Library Survey, 2016-17: Comments / Suggestions

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Compliments - General

  • I transferred last semester from SWU and I just wanted to say how great I think AU's library is. I am there very often and I commute all the way from clemson. It's a very nice library for students.
  • It I should great!
  • No they do a good job
  • Love it!
  • Great work
  • Very nice!!
  • Love the library and the staff!
  • It is a very pleasant and efficient service.
  • Thank you for being a great resource here at AU.
  • I like the library I wis hit was more helpful
  • No, I love the library!
  • The library is very useful.
  • Thanks for all that you do!
  • I love both the convenience and the atmosphere of the library. I appreciate the ease of access in online sources, as well as the convenience of checking out books for research and reading. I also greatly enjoy the Shakespeare collection and through the library, discovered the 4-hour Kenneth Branagh Hamlet, now one of my favorite movies.
  • The library works well for the needs of most students.
  • The library is awesome! I wish I had more time to read and utilize the resources available. 
  • The library is great! 

When asked if they had any suggestions for improvement, 33 students answered...No, None, N/A, Not at this time, etc.

Thanks everyone. We really appreciate it.


  • More modern magazines and a wider range would be great! - Nice suggestions, but we need more details. Paper or online? What titles do you think students would read?
  • We need new LOGOS Bible software. The computer and software is very difficult to use now. - We will check into that. If the problem is the version, we will upgrade to the latest.
  • While I cannot say that I have spent a lot of time at the library during my time at AU I can say that when I needed to do research I found some useful information. I feel that there should be more current music based books but I could always depend on the library to have some if my information - We buy a lot of music based books, but if you have any specific suggestions we will be glad to purchase. The more students participate in book selection, the better.
  • Great place to find material needed to complete assignments and study. - Thanks.
  • Nursing resources are great. Thanks!
  • It is at times difficult to find items on the online database, often there is no PDF or ebook available to view. - A typical database is comprised of 80% full text and 20% abstracts. Beyond the fact that we don't have any choice in what vendors do or do not put in their databases, we see this as a win-win. They could exclude abstracts (and so could you by clicking on the Full Text button during your search) but for serious researchers, these are valuable additional resources available thorough Interlibrary Loan.
  • As a biochemistry major, I always suggest having access to online science journals as articles are almost always behind pay walls. - You should never have to pay for an online article. An article not available in full text from our databases can be obtained for free through Interlibrary Loan.
  • I wish the online resources did not log me out after a certain amount of time. I am a graduate student, and may spend hours looking at resources. The program will log me out in the middle of trying to read an article. - Log out features vary from database to database. 15 minutes is typical, but it varies widely. One tactic that helps in some databases is to do something other than read. Click on something outside the document you are reading to let them know you are still there.
  • I like the free access to - Thanks.
  • I am very impressed with the amount of paper books available. I prefer them over E-Books.- Noted.
  • If it is feasible, it would be great to … have more information on house styles for Interior Design. - Ok. We will buy some, but it would help if you identified which house styles, so we can get the ones you want the most.
  • Library good, much enjoy - Thanks.


  • No. Just make more parking spaces.
  • Great facility
  • I think it is a very nice and efficient environment.
  • The Education room is a wonderful space for fellow Education majors and myself. I am very thankful for this space!
  • I think the library is a great place to do homework and find resources. The online resources are very helpful as well. The librarians are very nice and the facility is always clean.
  • Otherwise, I enjoy spending study time in the library since it is so neat and clean. Thank you!

Thank you.

Food and Drink

  • Let us bring food in please
  • I understand that having food and drinks in the library increase the risk of spills, however this is one of the reasons the library is not my go to place to study.
  • Allow Students to eat (and drink coffee) in library! When you need to study for hours for exams and projects and papers, you have to eat during these hours. This rule needs to change. The carpet can handle any food issues.
  • I strongly believe food should be allowed in the library. I understand it will take more time in terms of cleaning services but as a transfer student, I spent many hours in my schools library, and was able to do so because I could bring food or have food brought to me instead of having to get up and leave, pack up all my things, go eat a meal, and then come back and try to get back in my study groove. I also think it's crazy we can't have anything but clear water, again I understand the implements of having to have the place cleaned more but most people need caffeine to power through long study hours and don't want to sit in the noisy java down stairs.
  • I wish we were allowed to bring in food. Study snacks are great to have.
  • I know that preserving the library is main priority, but it is inconvenient that food is not allowed at least on one level of the library or at least in study rooms. Often I am in the library during dinner because of the workload and it would be helpful if at least dry snacks or something would be allowed for our convenience.
  • I wish the library would allow food and or drinks. I understand it can be messy but a lot of students (myself included) spend hours and hours in the library trying to complete homework and need a quick snack. It is difficult to leave the library to simply eat a granola bar or a protein shake while I could easily drink/eat while I work and clean up after myself. I believe being in college we should have some responsibility for ourselves and our surroundings and be able to eat when we need to.
  • I would prefer the ability to bring a beverage with a lid into the library without it being an issue.
  • I would use the library as a resource for studying a lot more if we were allowed to have drinks and snacks.
  • I also wish we were allowed to take coffee &/or a small snack. But I understand why that's a rule, but we are able to clean up after ourselves I think.
  • I would like … being allowed to bring food for the times I am in the library for long hours.
  • ...And let us have food and drinks.

When the library was planned we had to choose between a "beautiful/pristine" library and a casual/sometimes messy library. The fact that the number one answer on the library survey for 8 of the past 10 years has been the attractiveness of the facility, demonstrates that students appreciate the institution's decision to go with beautiful/pristine.

It's amazing how well the facility has held up all these years!

Knowing that students would want and need a place to eat and drink while studying, the institution addressed the issue by providing an onsite solution - Books and Beans. And now that the beautiful new Student Center has been completed, students have a second alternative study environment that allows food and drink. You can study with food and drink in the public areas of the Student center until midnight Sunday - Thursday and till 2AM, Friday and Saturday.


  • It would be beneficial for the library to be open later in the evenings.
  • I'd prefer later working hours. Closing the library at midnight is too early.
  • It would be great if it opened earlier.
  • I only wish that the library could be open later at night and more on the weekends.
  • I wish the library hours were longer.
  • I'm sure it's difficult to find people willing to work later hours, but I do think it would be beneficial to future students if the library was open later than midnight.
  • Needs to open earlier and stay open later
  • As a nursing student, it would be extremely helpful if the library was open much later. It's understandable that the hours need to accommodate all majors, but I'm almost positive other majors would appreciate longer hours as well.
  • Needs to be 24 hours
  • It is ridiculous to me that the library closes so early at night. It is extremely inconvenient that I usually need to study past 12am with a grou for an exam the next day. Most other colleges have their libraries stay open much later and I do not understand why AU does not do the same. We cannot have boys in our dorms past 11pm so we study in the library with our stodgy group but then the library closes at 12am and we no longer have a good place on campus to study. It would be extremely beneficial to the students as a whole if library hours were extended.
  • Longer weekend hours!
  • Needs more hours in the morning and and night, and also needs more study rooms. The staff practically pushes people out the doors when closing. The lights flicker 15 till, 10 till and 5 till 12. People already know the hours so this might only be necessary for 11:45 and only done once. Since food for thought has been closed, the places to study have severely decreased. I cant leave the library and go down the stairs to study for two more hours, java is simply not big enough. The lobbies and residence halls of the dorms are not sufficient for my study needs.
  • It would be helpful if it was open later during the week, and much more often on weekends (Sat & Sun mornings) for study space.
  • The hours of the library are not compatible with the students. The majority of colleges I have been to have libraries that are open 24 hours or at least all day, every day. I, as well as other students think the library should be open 24 hours during exam weeks and also during most weekend hours. The weekends are when I would like to go to the library the most, but it usually isn't open when I need to go.
  • It would be great if it was open more on the weekends
  • nope:) longer hours though would be preferred like in most universities
  • I believe that on the weekends the library should be open more often. The stress and busy schedule of the week leaves me wanting to research for paper on the weekend. The hours are so limited on the weekend that it makes this hard to do so.
  • i dont have any place to study after 2 am. not that that happens often but this is college and there should be somewhere that is legit 24 hours available to study. studying in the dorm is impossible - you'll fall asleep or keep your roommate up
  • I wish that it opened earlier than 3pm on Sundays.
  • The library could be open longer on some days, or at least open earlier.
  • I wish that the library would stay open late at night and be available for use later because that is when I need it most.
  • Please extend Friday library hours past 5pm
  • It would be somewhat helpful for the library to either bet open later, be open more hours on the weekends, or both.
  • weekend hours are inconvenient
  • I do wish that the library was open for more hours on weeknights & weekends.
  • I would like it if the library hours were longer.
  • Maybe opening 10-15 minutes earlier during the week would help for any last minute printing emergencies. 
  • Working full time and going back to school online, extended weekend hours would benefit me. 
  • I usually only go there if I have a lot to do. That said, I do find the hours the library is open around finals week inconvenient, particularly on the weekend.
  • It needs to be open later! And let us have food and drinks.
  • The library hours are not adequate. Sometimes I need a space to study or research and it's closed. Especially on the weekend. WE NEED LONGER HOURS

FYI - Only one other private college library in South Carolina stays open later than us! Guess who?

For obvious reasons, we do not compare ourselves to Clemson or USC.

We agree that longer hours would be wonderful, but we have to justify them based upon actual foot traffic rather than the number of suggestions we receive, no matter how well reasoned. The way to increase library hours is to "vote with your feet." The library counts the number of students in the building every half hour. If you are present one half hour before closing or one half hour after opening, we count you as a vote for longer hours. Just remember, we count votes every day, 


Because of the classes I have chosen to take, I haven't really had a true orientation to the library. It might be helpful if there was a general description of how the library is set up online, so students can quickly understand the basic layout and filing system. (If there a description already, then I am unaware of it.) You can learn all about the library from our Research Guides, including canned orientations.Try these resources:

Too many orientations. Just make one mandatory for a few gen Ed classes and then I wouldn't have taken four this semester alone.We agree with you. We just don't know how to make it happen. Due to the fact that the library provides orientations upon request, we have no control over how many you may receive...nor how many you may not. Some students have the opposite problem.


  • Ryo Ogawa is the best student assistant that works at the library
  • Should allow more student workers
  • They are very helpful!
  • Great people who work there!

Thank you.

FYI - Both "Librarians are consistently courteous and helpful" and "Student workers are consistently courteous and helpful" scored 4.2 this year making them one of the library's highest scores. This is one of our most important goals.

Studying in the Library

  • Great place to get work done. The library is one of my favorite places to go.
  • Overall great place to work with others on group assignments and other group projects.
  • Great atmosphere. Quiet enough to study.
  • It is my favorite place to go on campus for serious studying sessions.
  • I like the quiet space to study.
  • I have been in the library the most this year than I have before, and I love the atmosphere. It's just a great relaxing place to get work done.
  • I am a big fan of the single desks that enable you to shut out the world while working and the ease with which you can just walk into and out of the library, as your schedule or time deems fit.
  • It is a good environment for learning
  • I appreciate the library as it provides a quiet space for my personal work. 
Thank you..


  • In my past experience, the quiet floor is rarely quiet. People are usually just whispering very loudly and being inconsiderate of others trying to work, so I've stopped coming. I find it unfair to reserve a study room for just myself if I need to study in a quiet space, but sometimes I have no other choice. I hope the quiet floor can become enforced! I love studying in the library.

Although you cannot reserve a study room just for yourself (minimum requirements are 3 people for a six seat room, and four people for an eight seat room) study rooms can be used on a first come, first served when not reserved and single users are welcome to use them in those circumstances.


  • Sometimes when visiting the quiet floor of the library, it's not very quiet. This is not necessarily the library's fault, but the students that are visiting
  • I prefer to study on the second floor (the quiet floor) but students are often not quiet, making it difficult for me to study.
  • The quiet floor is great. However, on multiple occasions there have been issues with people working in groups and/or talking on the quiet floor. In my opinion being quiet on the quiet floor needs to be better enforced. If people want to work in groups or talk, they can go almost anywhere else on campus. Quiet study spaces are limited.
  • Sometimes students are too loud upstairs.
  • Sometimes the quiet floor is not monitored enough and larger groups make it difficult for me to focus on my work while I am there.
  • At times the library can be noisy with people talking. This is distracting when I come to the library to study.

For the most part the library relies on students to self-police the quiet floor. We only step in when there is a problem. Having said that we realize that students have different opinions on what is quiet. One person's quiet is a low tone of voice. Another person's quiet is silence.And both are valid. The seating selections - study room, cubicles, open tables, and lounge seating - are designed to cater to a variety of definitions of quiet, as opposed to only silence. As such they are self selecting. But if the floor is crowded when you arrive and the only seating available is at the open tables, you will find yourself among our loudest users - people who are seated at the tables for the express purpose of talking to their study group or friends. Normally the quiet floor is big enough for people to spread out and not disturb each other. Problems arise though as the floor reaches capacity and a "lot" of low voices combine tp crowd out the "quiet". 

Given the fact that Anderson keeps growing, you can expect the quiet floor to grow more and more crowded. If you have any suggestions, we would love to have a conversation with you. Keep in mind that any solution, or partial solution, needs to be fair to all parties. We could solve this problem by eliminating open tables, but that would not be fair to that category of library user. 

In the meantime we encourage you to take advantage of our free ear plugs. Although not to everybody's taste, they are popular enough that we give away over 500 pairs per year. Just ask at the Front Desk.


  • If it is feasible, it would be great to have some more study rooms 




  • Having airprinters would be a huge improvement. - We have asked for this in the past and were told it would not work with the printing log in system. But we will pass on your request to IT.
  • I believe that a computer room in the library with no restrictions due to classes preventing its use should be added, since there are so few on the main floorr - At this point in time the reference computer pod is seldom used to capacity so there are no plans to expand that, and there are no plans, or room, to duplicate the Bunton Lab within the library.
  • The colored printer that is upstairs in the Education Lab was not working properly the other da so i had to go downstairs to print on the colored printer. - If you will tell us immediately IT can usually have it fixed within 24 hours.
  • Printing in color for free would be nice for other majors. - We used to have free printing, but gave it up a long time ago because of the expense. Some people proved incapable of self regulation. Did we ever tell you about the time we found someone had gone to the Nike web site, printed out a full page copy of every shoe, and then left all their copies in the printer.
  • I think it would be VERY beneficial if the upstairs part of the library had a computer and printer set up. When I am upstairs doing homework, it would make my life so much easier if this resource was available for me. - If we reach a point where the reference computers are used to capacity a significant amount of time, then we will consider adding more computers.  At this time, though, the downstairs computers seem to be an adequate, if not a comprehensive solution..
  • I love the library. Best place for me to get work done. A few more computers would be good but not really necessary. I only see the need between classes when many students are trying to print last minute things. I think if we had an additional lab specifically for classes and other events that cause Bunton to be off limits from time to time, this would not be as big of an issue. - We will pass your suggestion on to IT and Administration.


  • Library orientations have been very helpful for me. I wish they were used more often because research can be overwhelming. - Thank you.
  • I am not sure if I have to have a student ID to use the library. I have not gotten one since I am an online student and don't even know where I would get one. - Contact Campus Safety - 864-231-2060 or As an online student you only need your AU email name and password to access our online resources. However, if you wish to participate in PASCAL Delivers (free delivery of borrowed books to the University Center or whatever academic library is nearest to you), then you need a student ID number.