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Student Library Survey, 2016-17: Trends


There were no three year trends - either up or down - in this year's survey - of group or overall scores.

The only three year trend for individual scores was Library computers are up to date and in working order - 3.9, 4.0, and 4.1.

Generally, student satisfaction increased as they progressed from class to class.

Genearlly, the number of students visiting the library 25 times or more a semester tended to decline over time.

Generally, the number of students using the library's online resources 25 times or more in a semester tended to increase over time.

Scores for 18 of the 25 questions increased - slightly.

Great Things That Happened in the Thrift Library in 2016-17

Added PASCAL Delivers, free courier delivery of every library book (12 million) in every academic library in South Carolina. Cut delivery time of interlibrary loan books in half!

Added Instagram.

Added New York Times as a free app.

Added 12,000 eBooks...and still counting.

Added Patron Driven Acquisitions (they turn it on, you click on it, we buy it) for 

  • Project Muse ebooks
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks
  • eBooks in EBSCOhost
  • Films on Demand streaming video

and you selected thousands of dollars of eBooks and streaming videos

Greatest changes in the past 5 years

Greatest increase in the past five years:
0.34 increase - Library computers are up to date and in working order.
0.42 increase - The number of computer workstation is adequate.
0.12 Increase – The library's overall collection is adequate to my needs.
0.12 Increase - Library orientations are useful and effective.

Comments - Thanks to IT, the library's public computers are regularly upgraded and problems are dealt with quickly. Two old complaints, a lack of color printing and the need for MS Office on ALL reference computers were dealt with in the previous year.

The library’s overall collection and the quality of library orientations are the result of a lot of money and a lot of hard work. These have been priorities for some time and it is good to see continuous improvement.
Greatest decrease in the past five years:
0.10 decrease – Printed materials are easy to find.
0.08 decrease – Library hours are convenient to my schedule.

Comments – See comments under Lowest scores.

About Trends

Typically a mature library will see results peak and then seesaw back and forth each year.