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Student Library Survey, 2016-17: Class Scores

Class Description

Analysis of Class Descriptions

Student are more likely to commute as they progress from Freshman to Senior.

The vast majority of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior students identify as classroom students.

71% of Graduate students identify as Online Students.

27% of Juniors use the library more than 25 times in a semester compared to 6% for Graduate students.

7% of Freshman and Junior students use the library's online resources more than 25 times in a semester vs. 41% for Graduate students.

Surprisingly, the survey does not report an increasing number of library orientations as students progress from Freshman to Senior.

Unsurprisingly, Graduate Students receive the fewest library orientations.

Class Scores

Analysis of Class Scores

With the exception of Freshman students, overall scores progressed upwards as students moved from class to class.

"Generally speaking" the longer a student is enrolled, the more likely their satisfaction with 

  • COLLECTIONS will increase
  • STAFF AND SERVICES will decrease
  • PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE will increase
  • FACILITIES will decrease.

Four of five classes scored I understand the rule of plagiarism highest.

Three of five classes scored Library hours are convenient to my schedule lowest.

Library Use by Class

The number of students visiting the library 25 times or more a semester tends to decline over time.

Online Use by Class

The number of students using the library's online resources 25 times or more in a semester tends to increase over time.

Overall Class Scores

With the exception of the Freshmen class, overall scores tended to trend upward over time.