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Faculty Library Newsletter

Departmental Budgets and Acquisitions

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Review databases charged to your department.

Check the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.

The 2020-21 Faculty Library Survey Is Complete

Every two years the Thrift Library surveys faculty about its Resources, Services, Staff, and Facilities. The results are then shared and used to to improve the library.

Read them here.


The 2020-21 Student Library Survey Is ALMOST Complete

After skipping a year for COVID the Thrift Library administered its annual student survey and students have told us what they think about our Resources, Services, Staff, and Facilities. The results are then shared and used to to improve the library.

The only thing uncompleted is the Requests page where library staff respond to student requests for new books. With 668 responders, we are responding to the largest number of requests (and comments) ever.

Fascinating reading!


Dr. James Turner Donates Book to Library

Thrift Library Hires Kenzie Barnett to Library Technician Position

The Thrift Library welcomes Kenzie Barnett to the position of Library Technician - Full time Library Staff. Ms. Barnett is replacing Chad Stewart.

Her duties will include supervising the library on Sundays and Wednesday nights, supervising and training student workers, assisting technical services in the acquisition and management of library materials, and utilizing a wide variety of present and future library technologies.

Contact Ms. Barnett at 328-1855 -

Who Has the Longest 2020-21 Private College/University Hours in SC?

This may come to a surprise to you, but the Thrift Library now has the LONGEST hours of any private college or university library in SC!

Normally we would be third or fourth behind Furman, Wofford and Charleston Southern, but not this year. This year many libraries reduced their hours due to COVID. Many have been closing at 10:00 PM. But not us. The Thrift Library has continued to be open 90.5 hours per week, the same as past years, and now has the longest schedule of the 22 private academic libraries in SC. Click on the Comparison of Library Hours of SC Peer Institutions Doc at the bottom of this box for a comparison.

Both the library's regular hours and its exam hours are reviewed on a regular basis to determine the need for expansion. (We know how many users are the building every half hour we are open going back many years.) Due to COVID, the numbers coming in this year are down 20% or more in all areas of measurement – gate count, occupancy count, study room usage, reserves usage, and book circulation. Consequently this would not be a good year to study our hours with regard to expanding them. Any study during COVID would probably suggest we need to shorten hours.

Although we did not extend exam hours this past fall – most students had gone home – we maintained normal hours for a mostly empty building. This spring we will expand hours during exams to 1:00, and we will begin the expansion Sunday, April 18, the week before exams.

One other thing. We don't try to compete with Clemson or USC on hours. After all they have ten times as many staff as we do. But, just out of curiosity, we checked. Guess who has longer hours during 2020-21?

  • Clemson - 85.5 hours per week
  • U of SC - 90.1 hours per week
  • Anderson - 90.5 hours per week

Political Science Saves Students Money with OER Textbooks - You Can Too!

This fall Political Science will be switching to an OER (Open Education Resource) textbook. If twenty students choose to use this textbook online instead of purchasing the hardcopy they will save a total of $456.00. The bigger savings, though, comes in the switch from a $73.25 textbook. This would have cost $1,465 based on a single class of 20 students.

A single decision can create huge savings.

For the last 10 years I have used a standard print textbook for my PS 101 American Government course, however for fall I have decided to switch to an OER textbook that is offered through OpenStax.  After comparing the current textbook I use, which is in its 13th edition, with the one offered by OpenStax it was an easy decision.  Since the core content that I wanted my students to have access to was nearly identical, they would be able to access the OER text on their iPad or print out specific sections, and they would save nearly $50 I decided it was time to switch to an OER. - Roger Flynn, Chair Department of History and Political Science

If you are already using an OER Textbooks, we would like to share your story. Contact the library at 231-2049 or

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