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Faculty Library Newsletter

Departmental Budgets and Acquisitions

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Review databases charged to your department.

Check the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.

PubMed Updated

"The new PubMed replaced the legacy version in the spring of 2020. The new responsive layout offers better support for accessing PubMed content with small-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets. You can find relevant articles more easily using the Best Match sort, now the default sort order in PubMed. The National Library of Medicine will continue adding features and improving the user experience, ensuring that PubMed remains a trusted and accessible source of biomedical literature.”

Former Missionary Donates to Special Collection – Come See Our Display


The Thrift Library was recently gifted a collection of memorabila by former missionary, Rev. John Dill of the Southern Baptist Convention, currently working here in Anderson with the Saluda  Baptist Association as Director of Missions.

Rev. Dill donated items from his years in the Philippines and travels in Zambia.

New Video Content in Credo Reference

  • 3DD Entertainment Ltd Video Collection - History, the Humanities and Literature.
  • A to Z of Women: American Women Leaders and Activists - Women        
  • Cambridge Educational Video Collection - Current topics
  • Inside Science Video Collection - Science              
  • Media Rich Learning Video Collection - Current topics     
  • NewsHour Productions Current Issues Video Collection - Current topics  
  • ShortCuts TV Video Collection - Psychology
  • Soc Media Films Video Collection - Social Sciences            
  • SW Pictures Video Collection - Health & Medicine
  • TVF International Video Collection - Gender Studies
  • Opinions Throughout History: Social Media - Provides an essential and an accessible commentary on the ways in which advances in communication technologies and practices have shaped American opinion and history.             
  • Routledge Histories: The Routledge History of Disease - Draws on innovative scholarship in the history of medicine to explore the challenges involved in writing about health and disease throughout the past and across the globe, presenting a varied range of case studies and perspectives on the patterns, technologies and narratives of disease that can be identified in the past and that continue to influence our present.

That troll


                                                                                                                                                                                      Internet Troll Icon by Wikipedia.

Course Reserves - Are Yours Available Online?

          While the library goes out of its way to protect students from COVID-19 by quarantining books for three days upon return and reshelving them while wearing gloves, Course Reserves pose a problem. If an entire class needs to handle reserve materials, there isn’t time to quarantine them. A single book may be used a dozen items in one day.

          So what do you do?

          Our new policy is to make hand sanitizer and/or gloves available. 

          Even better, whenever possible we are purchasing digital versions of Course Reserves. The following list shows everything that was on reserve last year. If the item was used 2 or more times, and if it was available for purchase in a digital format, it was added to the collection. Hyperlinks have been provided for you to place in your Canvas Course.

Need to know more about the NEW OneSearch? Try our OneSearch Guide

Mountain climbing images from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Changes in Periodical Frequency

Publishers of periodicals in print have been struggling for a long time. Some have gone out of business. Others have tightened their belts by reducing the number of issues published each year. Here are a few changes in the library's subscriptions.

  • Art in America - Reduced from 12 to 6 times per year.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education - Reduced from 43 to 25 times per year (FYI - This was accompanied by a 39% price increase.)
  • New American Paintings - Delayed publication
  • Sports Illustrated - Reduced from 39 to 16 times per year