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Library Newsletter

New Coronavirus Guide - Spring / Summer 2020

Now that the library has moved away from daily announcements, it has collected all the Coronavirus information by topic into a single, easy-to-use guide.

Click on the fireworks graphic or the link belowl

Old Guide Below - Thrift Library Daily Digest

Due to the exploding number of emails promoted by the university's response to the coronavirus, the library is working with CIDL and CLTE to limit communications to a single daily digest which will be collected on this page of the Library Newsletter. Return here repeatedly to get the latest news.

Free Reading / Viewing (some academic, some fun)

Covid - Academic Search Complete Upgraded to Academic Search Ultimate

Covid - MasterFILE Premier Upgraded to MasterFILE Complete

Covid - Sage Resources - Two new video databases - Business, Criminology, Education, Leadership, Research

SAGE Video, SAGE Research Methods Video and SAGE Knowledge Books & Reference (DRM FREE) 

Covid - Two More McGraw-HIll Medical Resource Databases

The Health Professions received three new databases this year.

  • Access Medicine - McGraw Hill Medical 
  • Access Physiotherapy - McGraw Hill Medical
  • FA Davis PT Collection 

Now we have received free access to two more databases during duration.

Covid - Three Gale Databases added for Chemistry, Anatomy and Careers

Little Ones at Home - Here is some free help

Got a suggestion? Let us know and we will add it.

Its Here! The New York Times. On your phone and iPad its an App. On your computer it's a webpage.

 Subscribe to the New York Times, on your computer, iPad, and smartphone.

Just download the app, push the button, and voila, the New York Times, when and where you want it. 

  •  Content all the way back to volume 1.
  • Alerts. - Doing a paper on Brexit? Set up an alert. Just interested in the new Star Wars movie? Set up an alert. 
  • A supporting website for classroom teachers and students.


Online Resoures - How can the Thrift Library help you online? Watch our introductory video.

A rescue boat with many oarsmen is out on a stormy sea to help a ship in distress. [Photograph]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Covid - Bloomsbury Databases Now Available for Free

Bloomsbury Publishers are giving away most of their databases for the duration! You can find strong support for Art, History, Interior Design, Kinesiology, Music and Theater in these databases.

Arcadian Library Online
Berg Fashion Library
Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts
Bloomsbury Architecture Library
Bloomsbury Collections
Bloomsbury Cultural History
Bloomsbury Design Library
Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers
Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive
Bloomsbury Food Library
Bloomsbury Medieval Studies
Bloomsbury Popular Music
Churchill Archive
Drama Online
Fairchild Books Library
Fashion Photography Archive
Human Kinetics Library
Screen Studies
Theology & Religion Online

Covid - All EBSCO Databases Get BIGGER!

EBSCO is a database vendor which manages several hundred publishers. Now, these publishers have “expanded” content in the databases we already take. Lots more eBooks! Lots more articles!  It’s like going from a Grande (16 oz) to a Trenta (31 oz).

Use OneSearch or individual EBSCO databases and enjoy “TRENTA” results.

What about Class Reserves?

The Thrift Library Reserves area contains over 1,000 physical volumes - all now physically inaccessible to students and faculty. Some of these titles generate hundreds of circulations each year.

Here is how we can help.

If you need your students to read a chapter or passage from a physical book contact Kent Millwood - I will scan and email it to you.

If you need your students to read multiple chapters contact your subject liaison. They will search for that title and purchase it as an eBook if available. NOTE: It might be available for single user or 3 user, or not at all, or in the wrong edition. If so, they will contact you and explain your options.

If no eBook is available or a single user format doesn't cut it, and you desperately need to provide multiple chapters, there is a work around. We can buy multiple copies, either of the print book or the eBook. Copyright law would allow you to use one chapter from each book you own.

One more FYI - Over the years we have made an effort to duplicate high usage Reserve titles with mixed results. Generally speaking, there is only a 5% overlap between our physical and digital collections.

Overdue Books / Renewals / Book Drop

The library is in the process of renewing ALL books until May 15 and should be through by Wednesday, March 25. There are a lot of books out.

  • No more notices.
  • Absolutely no fines.
  • And if you want to keep them beyond May, that's ok too.

Repairs to the the Front of the Library have been completed and the Book Drop will be returned to the outside of the building's entrance by Tuesday or Wednesday. No hurry though.

Free Content / Vendor and Publisher Offers - Updated Daily

Most of these offers are aimed at libraries.

Reminder about Copyright Help for Canvas


  • Link, don't copy
  • Use the library's resources first.
  • If no eTextbook available for unlimited users you can copy one chapter or 10% for every title owned. Need three chapters of a book the library does not own? The library wil buy three copies.

Covid - Free Textbooks from the Bookstore / VitalSource Helps

VitalSource Helps is a program that provides access to eBooks to all Anderson University students through May 25th. Your textbook may or may not be one of those provided.

An Outporing of Generosity

Since universities across the nation began to go entirely online there has been an outpouring of help from library publishers, vendors and service providers. Notifications of free and discounted eBooks, journals, and databases arrive in my email every day. 

Because of this the Thrift Library has more digital content - far more digital content - now that it ever has before or is likely to ever have again.We are blessed and you are blessed by the generous bounty of good people!

Through the days ahead the library will highlight new resources as they become available and collect them here for your review.

A list of new and expanded resource to date: