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Faculty Library Newsletter

Departmental Budgets and Acquisition

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Review databases charged to your department.

Check the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.

A New Statewide Shared Library System Is Coming...And We Need Your Help Getting Ready

This summer every academic library in SC will switch to a new shared library system and our old one will go away. We need you to do two things to help us get ready:

  1. 1) Faculty are asked to turn in all purchase requests by April 1. This will give the library one week to acquire and catalog new materials before we shut down. Any requests coming after April 1 will be postponed until this summer – and the money does not roll over.
  3. 2) Library borrowers are asked to return all checkouts by Summer School - May 11, so that we can reduce our work load migrating to the new system.



                    Don't Miss the Boat

Ethelred the Unready embarking for Normandy, 1013, illustration from 'Hutchinson's Story of the British Nation', c.1920 (litho) . [lithograph]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Five free ways to read the Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is arguably the most important publication covering higher education today. Here are some ways you can read if for free.

  • Come by the library and read the print.
  • Go to OneSearch and search for the title. you may want to Limit by Publication Title and sort your results by Date Newest.
  • Set up a Journal Alert in OneSearch. New articles will arrive in your email as they are loaded into the database.
  • Go to the website each morning. to read new and recent articles.
  • Sign up at the website for a personal subscription to Academe, the Chronicle's free daily newsletter (containing much of the same content as the website).


  • Published weekly during the academic year - less frequently over summer and Christmas.
  • Content loaded into OneSearch can be delayed up to one month.
  • Both the website and Academe post some content labeled PREMIUM which require a personal subscriptionHowever, if you are patient, they should be free once posted to OneSearch.

The APA Manual of Style / 7th ed is Here - And So Is Help

The good news is that the 7th edition of APA is here. In many ways, it is easier to use. BUT - most citation generators, including our databases and Zotero, have not caught up. Even OWL is not yet ready to provide advice.So who do you call for help?

The Thrift Library.

Not only do we provide handouts, we created our own nifty online tutorial. Try it!

Want to keep your students in college, improve grades, and increase enrollment? Try free textbooks!

The high costs of textbooks lead to 

  • Poorer grades
  • Class withdrawal
  • Lower retention
  • Choosing one class over another
  • Choosing one major over another
  • Lower admissions

The Thrift Library offers two ways of helping you lower or even eliminate the high cost of textbooks.

1) Match your assigned textbook to an eBook available for unlimited users. Currently we can find one in ten.

2) Help you find an alternative eTextbook.

  • This may be a normal textbook available as an eTextbook, or
  • It may be a FREE OER title (Open Education Title)

And the Winner of the Most Popular College Physics Textbook in America Is - FREE!

The Library Welcomes Its Newest Staff - Chad Stewart

Chad Stewart came on board January 27, 2020 filling the position formerly held by Lorraine Casey.

His duties will be to manage book acquisitions.


More Database Name Changes

  • PsycArticles becomes APA PsycArticles®
  • PsycInfo becomes APA PsycInfo®

Fred Guyette publishes article in Asbury Journal

Congratulations to Thrift Librarian Fred Guyette for authoring the following journal article, "The Apostle Paul: A Transformed Heart, a Transformational Leader" in the Asbury Journal (Fall 2019). DOI: 10.7252/Journal.02.2019F.07