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Faculty Library Newsletter

Departmental Budgets and Acquisition

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Review databases charged to your department.

Check the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.

Lorraine Casey Retiring After 21 Years

Lorraine Casey, Head of Acquisitions, has worked in the library since 1998. During that time she helped order and process 213,000 books, eBooks, VHS, DVDs, Cassettes, LPs, CDs, magazines, journals, microfilm, microfiche, bound periodicals,dissertations, slides, kits, games, manipulatives, textbooks, puppets, costumes, 2D, 3D, tests, and other formats you can't even imagine.

Lorraine came in with a typewriter and the card catalog and will be leaving with cloud based library automation. She has also weeded and discarded over 13,000 outdated titles and engaged in countless inventories..She has handled bills and renewals, correspondence, opened and closed the library, and worked the front desk. She also helped move the Olin D. Johnston Memorial Library to the Thrift Building in 2006. Throughout this time her smile and helpfulness has been one of the library's greatest strengths. 

If you would like to stop by Technical Services to wish her well, her last day will be January 16. Lorraine works Mon- Thurs.

Pictured is Lorraine Casey, former librarian Brenda DuBose, and Kay Maynard at last week's retirement lunch.

This Spring the Thrift Library provided 115 eTextbooks with unlimited users for 221 classes. You can help save our students money by your textbook selection..

Have you told your students?


Google Scholar vs. OneSearch

Which do you use more often to find and retrieve full text articles and eBooks? Google Scholar or the Thrift Library’s OneSearch? If your answer is Google Scholar, you are looking in the wrong place!


We Got Video!

FYI - The Thrift Library has access to 260,00 streaming videos via a half dozen vendors. Some are free. Others cost between $135 and $135 per year. All you have to do is find the one you want and load the link into Canvas. The library does the rest - including paying for them!

Here are more than dozen currently active through Kanopy.

Kanopy ID                            Title                                                                 1 Yr. License start

The Wonder Year             1 Oct 2019          

Emma Wants To Live       1 Oct 2019

Babies Outdoors              1 Oct 2019

Becoming 13                  1 Oct 2019

Being and Becoming       1 Oct 2019

Virgin Tales                    1 Oct 2019          

Beware the Slenderman            1 Oct 2019

Sex(Ed): How Did You Learn About Sex?       1 Oct 2019          

All this Panic                    1 Oct 2019          

The Visual Language of Herbert Matter       1 Sep 2019

Pure     1 Sep 2019

Design is One       31 Jul 2019

Design and Thinking          31 Jul 2019

American Commune       31 Jul 2019

Maker     31 Jul 2019

Objectified     31 Jul 2019

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth       31 Jul 2019

Hoop Dreams       31 Jul 2019

Purple Noon       30 Jun 2019

Helvetica        31 May 2019

A Poem is a Naked Person         31 May 2019

Gale Keeps Changing Its Name - To Gale

Gale provides the library with 24 databases. Recently it has been updating their names.
  • Gale Literary Sources - (name changing to Gale Literature)
  • Literature Criticism Online - (name changing to Gale Literature Criticism)
  • Literature Resource Center - (name changing to Gale Literature Resource Center)
  • LitFinder - (name changing to Gale Literature: LitFinder)

Presidential Impeachment - Historical Documents

The HeinOnline databases supports legal research in Business, Political Science and Criminal Justice. Beyond US Codes, law reviews, case law, and Supreme Court decisions, it also has a number of special collections including:

  • Gun Regulation and Legislation in America
  • John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection
  • Description of Pentagon Papers Pentagon Papers
  • Religion and the Law
  • Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

Last month HeinOnline added a new impeachment collection to the U.S. Presidential database. This collection now includes President Donald Trump, as well as access to the whistleblower documents.

Exam Hours - What did we learn from the great experiment of Spring 2019? What did we learn from Fall 2019?

JLG Bites the Dust. Sad Day. Sad Day.

Last year the library added JLG - Junior Library Guild - an inexpensive rotating collection of about 30 children's eBooks. Now the Junior Library Guild has backed out of the eBook market.