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Faculty Library Newsletter

Need an eTextbook? The library's eTextbook list has grown from 78 titles to 88. Check and see if one of your titles have been added.

Departmental Budgets and Acquisition

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Review databases charged to your department.

Check the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.

HeinOnline replaces Nexis Uni at a considerable cost savings

Westlaws Campus Research

Besides Business and News sources, WestLaw Campus Research, by Thomason Reuters, provides expert analysis from hundreds of law reviews and journals, encyclopedias, and treatises or read full-text legislation, regulations, and court decisions 
• Simultaneous usage, so there’s no waiting for access
• Global search box simplifies and speeds up searching
• Easy-to-use integrated research tools, such as template searching, headnotes, case synopses, West Key Number System®, KeyCite®, and hypertext linking to related documents, help students focus topics and quickly find what they’re looking for.

JLG (Junior Library Guild) - Children's EBooks

One of the most difficult eBook formats to buy is Children's Books. JLG makes this possible for a VERY small annual fee - $300.00

  • Spanish & Bilingual
  • Classics
  • Audisee Titles
  • Readalong

Important New eReference Books

Credo Reference
BUS - Economic Thinkers: A Biographical Encyclopedia 
BUS - Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society 
BUS - Real-World Decision Making: An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics 
BUS - SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
BUS - The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation 
BUS - Consumer Survival: An Encyclopedia of Consumer Rights, Safety, and Protection 
CJ - Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment 
CJ - Understanding Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 
COMM - The Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology
ED - Encyclopedia of School Crime and Violence 
ED - Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science: Cognitive Processes 
ED - Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science: Theory and Method 
ED - Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms 
ED - The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation
ED - The SAGE Encyclopedia of Out-of-School Learning 
PSY - International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication 
PSY - Mental Health Care Issues in America: An Encyclopedia 
PSY - The SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology 
THEA - The World of Musicals: An Encyclopedia of Stage, Screen, and Song 

GVRL – Gale Virtual Reference Library
BUS - Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies
BUS - Encyclopedia of Management, 8th ed.
CHR - Theism and Atheism
ENG - American Writers Supplement 29 2
ENG - Supernatural Literature
HP - Chronic Diseases
HP - Gale Encyclopedia of Emerging Diseases
HP - Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, ed. 4
PSY - Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health / 4th ed.
PSY - Mental Health and Mental Disorders
SOC - Women's Lives Around the World

RHO / Taylor and Francis
CJ - Handbook of Communication and Security, The 
COMM - Handbook of Journalism Studies, The 
COMM - Routledge Companion to Media and Scandal, The
COMM - Routledge Handbook of Positive Communication, The
ED - Handbook of Cultural Studies and Education
ED - Handbook of Formative Assessment in the Disciplines
ED - Handbook of Quality Assurance for University Teaching 
ED - Handbook of Research on School Choice 
ED - Routledge Handbook of Digital Literacies in Early Childhood, The
ED - Routledge International Handbook of Learning with Technology in Early Childhood, The 
ENG - Fairy Tale World, The
ENG - Routledge Companion to Native American Literature
ENG - Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Global Appropriation, The
HIS - Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies, The
HIS - Routledge History of Food, The
THEA - Routledge Companion to New Cinema History, The

Ebooks on EBSCOHost
BUS - Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice
CHR - Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics
CHR - Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch
CHR - Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings
CHR - Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 2nd Ed.
SOC - Handbook of Parenting

CHR - Milestone Documents of World Religions, 2nd ed.
ED - Salem Education : Education Today
ENG - Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: 
ENG - Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore: 
ENG - Critical Survey of Poetry: Contemporary Poets (suppl 2 vol.) 
HIS - Ancient World: Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Societies
HIS - Defining Documents in American History: 1960's
HIS - Defining Documents in American History: Immigration & Immigrant Communities
HIS - Defining Documents in American History: Political Campaigns, Candidates & Debates
HIS - Defining Documents in American History: Political Campaigns, Candidates & Debates
HIS - Defining Documents in American History: The Gun Debate
HIS - Defining Documents in American History: The Legacy of 9/11
HIS - Defining Documents in World History: Asia
HIS - Defining Documents in World History: Slavery
HIS - Defining Documents in World History: The 19th Century (1801-1900)
HIS - Defining Documents in World History: The Middle East
HP - Salem Health : Magill's Medical Guide 8th ed.
HP - Salem Health : Women's Health
SOC - Principles of Sociology : Personal Relationships & Behavior
THEA - Critical Survey of Drama

New Databases - FREE from DISCUS

Discus – South Carolina’s Virtual Library, provides the Thrift Library with many FREE databases including these three new ones.  
This database for Grades 2-5 includes large images, easy to read text, and easy navigation.  There are over 300 videos, science projects, games, maps, and Educator Resources.
Topics include:
·       Being a Good Citizen
·       Building Character
·       Countries of the World
·       Explorers 
·       Famous Americans
·       Holidays
·       Insects, Spiders, & Worms
·       Nutrition
·       Scientists & Inventors
·       U.S. Government
·       Weather & Climate 
This database is designed or Grades 6-9.  ‘Take a Stand’ Debate Topics - Animal testing, homework, social media influences, voting age, etc. Also included are science projects, homework help videos and reference guides, and Educator Resources.
Topics include:  
·       Native American Life – Homes, Hunting, Cooking, Family Life
·       History of Fashion – Medieval, Elizabethan, Colonial, American West, 1920’s & 1930’s
·       Biographies – Over 700 book-length biographies
·       Physical Science – Energy, space, technology, weather
·       Life Science – Animal behavior, human body, plants, reptiles
·       Social Studies – American history, ancient civilizations, holidays, U.S. Government, Symbols of American Freedom
This resource for middle school students through adults provides tools on how to write and research effectively, including a step-by-step guide to writing a good essay.
Topics include:
·       Grammar & Punctuation
·       Writing with Style
·       Writing specific types of documents – letters and emails, memorandums, resumes, essays, business reports and presentations, and promotional writing

Database Name Changes

The library's second largest database provider is Gale with 25 titles. This summer Gale added its name to the beginning of some of its database titles. Not only does this help Gale promote their brand, it also helps reduce the confusion between similarly titled databases by other vendors, of which there are many. From now on, when students click on the Cite button of a Gale database the new title will be auto generated.

     Old Name                                                                             New Name

Changes in Printing / Scanning / Computers

Color Printing has been reduced from 50 cents to 25 cents per copy. 

Watch out when scanning large documents and save to USB drive. Email can only handle small documents - generally  2 color pages or 5 b&w pages

Students now get $20 printing credit each semester. Fall does not roll over into the Spring. However, Spring does roll over into the summer..Alerts are automatically emailed if balance is below $5.00. If students deposit extra money, it will roll over until they leave, but cannot be refunded. Deposits are not used if there is any remaining credit.

Three MACs have been added - two next to the scanner downstairs, and one upstairs next to the Writing Lab.