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Faculty Library Newsletter

Book Sales

 Need to buy some books? 

 Try these current sales.

Periodicals - Print vs. Online


  • Current Print Subscriptions - 45
  • Online Subscriptions - 40,000+
  • OneSearch provides indexing and access to only two thirds of our online journals . You have to go to individual database for the other third.
  • 99% of our online journals are provided through our 200 aggregated databases. Determining what titles we have and what years are covered are like nailing jelly to a tree. Constant change and huge overlaps.
  • Most titles only go back to the 90s. 
  • Many titles have a 1 month, 3 month or 1 year moratorium. 
  • Subscribing directly to the publisher can cost as much as 100 times more per title than access through an aggregated database.
  • The library's most expensive online journal costs almost $3,000. 

Project MUSE offers over 550 humanities and social science Open Access Titles

Thousands of volumes in Project MUSE are turned on this year - for free. At the end of the year, the library will purchase the most used titles. 

So use Project MUSE often. Vote for your favorite titles by reading them.

A Brief Overview of the New Thrift Library

Over the Summer of 2017 the Thrift Library underwent an extensive renovation affecting its facilities, collections, services, and even its mission.




Current Print Periodical Subscriptions - Reduced to 45 from 90.

Bound Periodicals - Some moved to remote storage, some to Art Department, some recycled. Most of this content is available online.

Reference Book Collection -  Several thousand reference books were recataloged and moved upstairs to the General Collection. Many others were replaced by eBooks.

Reference Computers - Removed. However there are 6 student-use computers near the copy area.

Curriculum Lab - Moved to Johnston Building. 

Bunton Lab - Moved from basement of Thrift Building to second floor of Thrift Library

Printers - Expanded from five to seven.

Computers - Expanded from 23 to 49.

Seating - Grew from 303 to 350. Mostly study cubicles.

Study Rooms - Six study rooms added to the first floor. Five study rooms and the Stovall Meeting Room removed from second floor. 

Center for Student Success and Writing Lab moved in upstairs.

Center for Innovation and Digital Learning moved into the basement along with the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence and two classrooms.

Books vs. EBooks - While the preferred format now is eBooks, physical acquisitions are still important to keep the print collection up to date. The library's book collection is around 95,000. Its eBook collection is around 400,000.

PlumX Metrics

Ever wondered what the strange PlumX Metrics graphic is in OneSearch? Click on it. It will tell you how often that article is used... and lots more.



NAXOS Adds 1,000 Masterclass Videos for Music Instruction

  • Over 2925 full-length videos, available anytime, anywhere
  • Create custom clips: edit and add them to individual playlists
  • Subtitles available in over 5 languages
  • Search videos by category, role, composer, artist, production personnel, work, venue or festival
  • Access pre-defined video chapters and other points of interest including individual arias and scene breaks
  • View video as Full Screen, 2/3 Screen or 1/4 Screen
  • Videos stream at 700 Kbps (standard quality) and 2 Mbps (high quality)
  • Libretto/text included when available
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac


MASTERCLASS WITH MENAHEM PRESSLER - BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Sonata No. 21, "Waldstein": I. Allegro con brio